A second post in a day? Say what?

This will be a very short update since I feel that no one has been paying attention to my word count.  Over on the upper right side of my blog is a little grey meter.  It looks like this –>  

Well, I decided to update and add a second one in the same area. It’s a little bigger and I think it will get more attention.  An FYI, I just picked 100,000 words as a goal.  It might take less, it might take more.  But I am kinda keeping score and track to see how it goes.  I just thought that I would kinda point everyone in that direction.  Other than that, I think I will continue to write.

So keep an eye on that little guy.  I know this is just the very first step on a very long journey but I have faith that I can do. I just have to stick to it and actually finish something that I started. I CAN DO IT!

Leave me your thoughts - I would love to hear them!

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