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Long time no see….

So, life has gotten the best of my for the past couples of months.  I am sorry about that.  I am slowly getting a hold on things so you will *hopefully* see more of me around. I am working on getting this blog back up and going!  But I know that wouldn't happen overnight.  So… Continue reading Long time no see….

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Sorry for the Absence

Sorry, I have been gone. I needed a break from pretty much everything. I had a stand still when it came to my fiction writing, my blogging and pretty much anything else. So I took a vacation. I mean from everything! I stepped away and tried to refill my creative well. I have to be… Continue reading Sorry for the Absence

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10 Benefits of Having a Blog for Writers

Many writers are struggling. They are struggling with the delicate art of balancing everything with the need to write. Others are struggling with getting words on the page. There are a few writers struggling with getting feedback on some of their writings.  Others are struggling with getting their writing published. I might not know everything,… Continue reading 10 Benefits of Having a Blog for Writers

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Something Funny

Many of you are expecting funny with a lot of wits or something really educational. Well, I got nothing for you! This week has been busy.  My husband went back to work and I have been trying to catch up on housework. On top of that, my husband is in a wedding this weekend for… Continue reading Something Funny

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September Wrap-up

Well, September has been on hell of a month!  Thank you!  Thank you guys for helping creating this month to being so awesome!  So, let's recap, shall we? This past month - First up, let's talk about all the new things I have started this month...  I started interviewing people and it has been great. This… Continue reading September Wrap-up


Defining myself

So, I discovered that Writer's Digest is having a  October Platform Challenge.  I suggest that any and all of my writer friends to check it out!  So each day I will have a post directly linked to that day's challenge!  (I'll share the link at the end of the post!) So today I have to… Continue reading Defining myself


Blogger Recognition Award

I am highly honored to be nominated!  I was nominated by Joan from her post here .  I have never been nominated for this one so I am really excited! The rules for accepting this award: 1. Tell how your blog got started. 2. Give some advice to new bloggers 3. Choose blogs that you would like to… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award


Liebster award part Two

I was  nominated for two more Liebster award Blogger Recognition Award, so you guys will be seeing a lot of different posts about myself and you will be seeing lots of great blogs to check out!  So I am hoping you guys check all the fellow bloggers out! 🙂 For this set of questions, I was nominated… Continue reading Liebster award part Two


Liebster award part one

Hello all!  I am finally getting around to this! It's been such a crazy week!  🙂 I am slowly trying to get back in the rhythm of 'normal' life so here I am! I was  nominated for two more Liebster award Blogger Recognition Award, so you guys will be seeing a lot of different posts about myself… Continue reading Liebster award part one

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Simple and Quick.

I thought I would post on last time tonight before I crash!  Two crazy exciting things have happened with my baby (and by baby I mean blog 😀 ) I have reached over 100 page views in a single day. And I have reached my 100 post today as well!  (With this post!) I know that… Continue reading Simple and Quick.