Here is the synopsis for my NaNoWriMo project ‘Memory’

So I know this is my second post in the second day and it’s just a few hours after I have just posted something else. But I feel like I need to share this with the masses. So please tell me what you think of this! PLEASE! I’m begging you! Well, enjoy!


Josephine Spencer wakes up with no memories. After she gather’s some of her basic information, she is thrown into this huge corporate world called White River Industries. Within hours of waking, she discovers that she isn’t alone in her mind. Two mysterious and polar opposite voices are in her head holding her memories hostage. Externally, she is being guided by two women who are trying too hard to make Jo feel welcomed. As more of her memories get released from the voices in her head, the more she releases that pearly white shell she is hidden in isn’t so perfect.

As she continues to learn more about White River Industries, the more she realizes that she can’t sit back and do nothing. Something is not right even through at surface level everything seems to be for the people. Once she finds out the secret to the success of White River, everything around her comes crashing down. She becomes that most wanted person on the planet. The only help she has is from the two voices in her head. With one last twist of the knife, Jo decides that it is her mission to bring the truth to the people.

With everything riding on her shoulders, she has to decide if the truth is worth destroying the people’s comfortable lies for the harsh reality? And she has to decide what cost is to her and to the world.


Jo finally opened her eyes again. She was still lying on the hard, cold floor. Without and other thought, she pushed herself up and stumbled over to the exam table. She pulled herself up on the table and sat staring at the wall. Maybe it was the drugs that caused her to hear the British voices.

Jo, don’t believe them.

Her eyes widen as she tried to swing her head around to see who was talking to her. It sounded like the first voice she heard when she was drugged. She heard the second voice chuckle.

“What is going on?” She shouted as she jumped to her feet. She spun herself around. She didn’t see anyone in the room with her.

Stop that, do you really want them to drug you again? The second voice shouted back. We don’t want to start this over again.

“Again?” She mumbled as she stopped spinning. She walked over to the mirror. There was no one standing behind her but she felt someone there. Jo looked down to her feet and saw a pair of boots to her left and a pair of high end shoes to her right side. She quickly turned around to find nobody behind her.

Please stop bringing attention to yourself, the second voice ordered.

Give her a break, it’s going to take time to understand all of this, the first voice added.

“What is going on here?” Jo softly asked. She slowly dragged herself to the exam table. Once she was on the table, she dropped herself back and stared at the ceiling.

At least she’s not totally freaking out, the first voice said. Right in front of the top of her head were two bodies. One was in some sort army camo and the other one was in a high class suit. She couldn’t make out any faces. Jo went to lift her head to see them but they disappeared.

Yet. The second voice bitterly pointed out.

“Who are you two?” She whispered.

That will be disclosed later, the second voice responded, for right now, just believe us when we say, don’t trust them.

“Them?” Her words were barely audible.

The two that spoke to you earlier.

Matter of fact don’t trust anyone at this corporation. A bunch of soulless bastards. The second voice had a very bitter feel to every syllable that left his mouth

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