How to Spot a Zombie

I’ll keep this brief.  Okay, so to take my mind off the rest of the world, I thought that I would share a piece of my writing. This is my attempt at description. Any feed back would be awesome. So, enjoy!

How to Spot a Zombie

Zombies are something that most people put off into the realm of make believe. I am here to at least let you know what a zombie is so if you run into one, you can recognize it. You do not believe in zombies? That’s okay, just don’t coming running to me about it when you are stuck. Okay, on to the characteristics of the zombie!

First, let’s go over what it looks like. Seeing it the easiest way of clarifying is it’s a zombie or something else. The zombie is really a rotting, human hunter with limited intelligence. This pretty much boils down the fact that all the zombie wants to do is feed on human flesh. First and foremost, the zombie walk is the most recognizable feature it has; the zombie shuffle. It pretty much the zombie is dragging one of its rotting feet behind it. Next to the easily recognized zombie walk, the zombie body is another easy indicator of a zombie. The flesh tone of a zombie is in the off white almost this kind of blue/ gray tone. It lost the rosy pink tones that normal humans have, nor are they still intact. That means they usually are missing chunks of muscle from limbs and from the abdominal region. Side note, you can usually tell the age of a zombie by how bad decomposed it is; for example, if there is a lot of muscle or flesh missing, it’s an older zombie. A final attribute for the zombie is that the clothing (if any) that the zombie is wearing is usually blood soaked and torn. This is similar with the hair, if the zombie was once a female with long hair, the hair will be in disarray and blood soaked.

Smell is known to trigger memories, so logically once you smell a zombie you will have memory of it. For those who do not know what it smells like, the known words are hard to describe the zombie smell. One common description of the smell is usually the smell of death. Anyone that works in the healthcare field know this odor. It is often a heavy, putrid, terrible smell; it is hard to forget. Zombies are soulless, decomposing corpse, so rotting and decaying is common description of the smell. Also, if you are part of the few, the smell of coagulated and old blood is another trigger for the stench. Once you sniff a zombie, it is something you always remember.

The zombie doesn’t actually make sound. It is an urban myth that zombies moan the word “brains” since once the zombie’s brain does not function as it once did when it was human. There is no control over the vocal cords. The trademark moan is just wind moving through the decaying vocal cords. Have you every blown across the top of an empty water bottle? It is similar process here. The only other sound a zombie makes is from the “zombie shuffle” which sounds like shuffling feet. Other than those two sounds the zombies are silent and even more scary then any horror movie scores.

The zombie is a decaying human eating machine and anyone who is stupid enough to try to touch it or for that matter eat it, have some serve mental problems. From what research suggests is that zombies are just walking corpses – cold, dead and rotting. So, one can just guess that is it like touching a dead body – stiff, cold, maybe a like slimy and depending on the age, easy to break because of decay. (Ever touch rotting wood? Apply that to a human body.) Eating flesh from a zombie is strongly advised against. Eating rotting flesh of any animal is a danger to one’s health.

One someone has mastered what a zombie looks like and sounds like, the rest tends to fall into place. There may not be a classroom test on this but surviving depends on knowing this knowledge. Memorize this knowledge. It will be used more in real like instead Pythagorean theory.

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