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Okay, so I am a gal that really likes to share!  If I find something good, I tend to share it with everyone I know.  That means, websites, YouTube channels, mobile apps, computer programs and other little things  So, there will be plenty of things to check out…  I might have blog posts about some of these in the future, so be one the look out! Also, when I find really cool stuff, be sure to check this page out again.  I love finding new things.  So I am going to try my best to organize this. If you think I’m missing something or you think I need to add, let me know and I will see if I can add it!

First up, websites!  I love to browse the interwebs and find great writing websites (or other fun stuff) and share it with others….  So here is my list (and in no special order!)

NaNoWriMO & Camp NaNoWriMo  I LOVE these. I love pretty much everything about NaNoWriMo (which is National Novel Write Month.) There is so much I could say here but I will have a blog about this soon….  Be on the look out.

Writer’s Write (and their Facebook Page) – Words can not begin to describe how helpful this site is.  They post so many great things that it is something that you will just have to go check out.

Nebraska Writers Guild – This is a bit more local to me than the others.  It’s a paid membership with lots of benefits. They have conferences a few times a year.  If you are in the Nebraska area, please check them out!


Okay, so I have only found a few software programs that I like and use. So I will share the links to their websites.  Let me know if there are any others that I should check out or share!


Next up to bat are mobile apps.  We live in a go-go world and having such amazing things in your back pocket is great.  So here are a few that I have gathered and what I use on a daily basis (or close to daily). Also, I’m on #TeamAndroid, so a few of these might not be on Itunes.  I will check with my husband (he’s #TeamiPhone) and update my list for those on Apple!  And I am not going to list the most popular ones everyone uses (like Facebook or Instagram) since I’m sure you may already have it on your phone!  So without more to babble about, here we go!

Dropbox – This is a wonderful place for storage!  It has free storage (and you can earn more free storage) and it has paid plans! Check it out! 🙂  I live off of this, I have my phone and computer backed up to this!  It’s so nice to have everything in once place.

Learning Apps – (I love to learn and to be able to learn on the go is AMAZING!)

Learn HTML – This is a great app that lets you learn HTML at your pace and on your phone.  It’s wonderful!

Udemy – I love this site and this app.  It have free classes and paid classes.  For someone who loves to learn, this is a must have!

Duolingo – This is for the people who really want to learn a language!  It had so many different languages for some one to learn!  It’s another must!

Cartwheel by Target – I love to shop at Target.  This is a great way to save money because you can pair this with a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon! That is three ways to save on one item!  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Target!  So I enjoy saving a little money while I’m there! 🙂

Here are a few apps for Nebraska folk!

Nebraska State Fair
Nebraska Lottery
Kearney Hub Local News
NET Nebraska
Nebraska 511

Youtube! Who doesn’t like Youtube?  I enjoy a lot of the vloggers and top ten lists!  So enjoy! I have split this up by writing related things and just everything else!

Writing Stuff!

National Novel Writing Month


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