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Personal Blog Post

This post is supposed to be my own take on a blog post. I am struggling with this. I mean, isn't any all blog post a personal take on things? So what am I supposed to talk about? I could talk about my daughter and how her birthday is coming up, but I don't want… Continue reading Personal Blog Post

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Liebster blog award Part two

Hello!  So this is two days late!  My husband had a rare day off and we decided to do a lot of house cleaning! Oh, the joys of adulthood! Okay, so like I said is my last post, I told you that I was nominated twice in the same day!  This is the second nomination.… Continue reading Liebster blog award Part two

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Liebster Blog Award part one

I was nominated twice today with in hours of each other...  I must be so popular!  😛 The first time I was nominated by Francesca from this post.  So go check it out!  🙂 The rules :  Okay, so I will get started with the questions! What inspires you as a blogger?  I love to write, so for… Continue reading Liebster Blog Award part one

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New URL! Check it out!

This morning has not been too kind to me.  I am going to try waking up early this week to see if I can get more done before she (my daughter) wakes up and throughout the day.  I am not going to lie, it's not looking promising. I finally got my official domain name -->… Continue reading New URL! Check it out!

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New name and my list!

I have changed my name - my blog name that is.  It's something I have wanted to go for a little while now once I decided more of  a focus for my blog.  How do you like it?  Please let me know!  Thanks! Also, my assignment for my Writing 101 class is all about making… Continue reading New name and my list!


The Reason I Write

Writing is a very personal thing.  No two writers write for the same reason.  My reasons are different from the writer in the next blog over.  No two people with write the same.  So, why does someone write?  Well, i can't say why Bob writes, but I can tell you why I write. To start… Continue reading The Reason I Write

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Introducing Me!

Hello all, for all the new followers I am Steph!  I am a fiery redhead with a strong love of words, chocolate, my daughter, my husband and more chocolate!  I hope you enjoy your stay! I am a full time hopeful writer and a full time stay at home mom.  I have been writing since… Continue reading Introducing Me!

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SUNSHINE BLOGGING AWARD CHALLENGE I was nominated by Tracey to answer these ten questions! How did she know I love top ten questions? After these ten questions, i have to make my own ten question and then nominate other bloggers! So be on the look out world! Now without further ado... 1.  What is your… Continue reading SUNSHINE BLOGGING AWARD CHALLENGE

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August Wrap Up and a Game Plan to Fix it!

Oh man, August flew by! I don't know where the time went.  I now have an eleven month old tiny terror and it's another month closer to NaNoWriMo! August was a piss poor month for me when it came to writing.  My word count was 9649 FOR THE WHOLE MONTH! That is pathetic!  On top… Continue reading August Wrap Up and a Game Plan to Fix it!

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MIA (Sorry)

I am so sorry, Like has just been so busy.  I promise to work in more blog posts in the future!  Between my daughter teething (I dunno know who that was!) and just life in general, I have become swamped! I will have a blog post about August and all that good stuff, so be… Continue reading MIA (Sorry)