Personal Blog Post

This post is supposed to be my own take on a blog post. I am struggling with this. I mean, isn’t any all blog post a personal take on things? So what am I supposed to talk about?

I could talk about my daughter and how her birthday is coming up, but I don’t want to expose her in depth to a world that may or may not be ready for her. And I don’t know if she would want to be out in the world just yet. I don’t want to force her into anything she’s not ready for, ever! I want her to decide what she wants in life. But I am going to instill manners, respect and other important things in her. My goal is not to force her to become a Barbie if she wants to be a G.I. Joe. But that is a work in progress! She will be a year this Friday (9/25)! Time has gone by so fast. I barely believe it. But enough about her. Let’s find something else to talk about. (Not that I don’t want to talk about her, but I could do like a 500 page report on her and I think I will wait until she is old to do something like that!)

I could talk about me, but I would rather not. I come from a sad beginning and I would rather move away from that. I really hate to think any child went through what I went through so I try to think of the future! That is where the possibility of change is located! So that what I aim to look at! So, maybe that will be what I talk about?

I have posted a lot about goals throughout this blog. (Here are a few of those posts here, here and here to list a few). I am a strong believer of writing down your goals. When it comes to sharing I am still on the fence. I have read studies that have stated that sharing your goals with other increase your chances of actually achieving your goals. But I have read a few recent studies about sharing your goals with others and they have found the opposite. If you share your goal, the researchers have found that people are less likely to achieve your goals. Here are a few different articles about goal sharing: 5 good reasons to share your goals and one powerful reason not to; When telling others about your goals compromises them; 10 things you should know about goals; WHY SHARING YOUR PROGRESS MAKES YOU MORE LIKELY TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS As you can tell, I choose four different articles from four different place. What is your take on sharing your goals?

I will admit, I share some of my goals but now all of them. I feel like I will keep a few private and share others. And it depends on what I am feeling at that time in my life which ones I share. I know that it’s odd, but I promise to go into more detail about some of this stuff at a later date. For the moment I will leave this taste in your mouth and see what you guys comment! J And I will talk more about goals since I am really into goals and working on achieving them!

Well, that’s my personal blog post, what do you guys think? Is this a personal take on a blog post or did I wind up over in left field? You could say goals are a personal thing but did I get personal enough? Tell me what you think!

Until next time…

Liebster blog award Part two


Hello!  So this is two days late!  My husband had a rare day off and we decided to do a lot of house cleaning! Oh, the joys of adulthood!

Okay, so like I said is my last post, I told you that I was nominated twice in the same day!  This is the second nomination.  I was nominated by Daisy in the Willows from this post of hers! 🙂


So without more words, here are her questions  for me!

  • What is your guilty food pleasure?  Chocolate…  Pretty much an form of it will work…  But It can’t have strawberries!  (I’m highly allergic to them!)
  • what was your favourite child hood game (doesn’t have to be a board game) My favorite game was Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • If you could rename yourself what would you call yourself and why? I don’t think I would change me name.  I’ve grown to like my name.  I will admit, sometimes I thought about changing my name to Samantha, people seem to think that is my name already!
  • What was the last lie you told?  “No, it wasn’t me that ate all the chocolate.”  I told my husband this last night.  Then we both laughed.
  • What is the best compliment you have ever received?  ‘Your writing has encouraged me to work on my own writing.
  • What historic event would you like to have been present at?   Oh, man; as a history buff there are so many events I would love to been at, overall, I think I would want to be at Stonehenge while it was being built!  I could answer so many questions for people! 🙂
  • How would you start a conversation with a stranger?  To be honest, nope.  I am not a small talk kind of person.  I don’t often start the conversation with people and if I do, it tends to a conversation about something they don’t understand and then they slowly walk away…
  • What is the strangest thing you have eaten?  Chocolate covered grasshoppers…  So, I’ll eat anything that has chocolate!
  • what quality/qualities make a friend a keeper?  For the most part, the most important quality for a friend for me is compassion.  I can’t stand someone who lacks this basic quality.  I might be apathetic about somethings but when it comes to starving children and how easy we could give them food, I struggle when someone tells me that their parents should just get a job.  Like, they are humans, show some love!
  • Is there a word that you love using all the time or/and a word you hate hearing or using?  I don’t know.  I am a lover of more words and I really don’t have a word that I hate hearing.  I don’t like hearing people being called names or being abused.  That is about it, I think.
  • If money was no option what would you do for your next birthday ?  For me?  My birthday?  I would love to pay off my in-laws debts.  They have done so much for my husband and me and I would love to pay them back somehow.

Now, my question to the people tagged:

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What is one room in your dream house you would love to have right now?
  3. What are you currently reading?
  4. Where do you get the ideas for your blog posts?
  5. What is the best advice you can give your fellow bloggers about how to get new subscribers?
  6. Do you belong to any writers’ or bloggers’ associations and, if so, which ones?
  7. Who is your favorite musician?
  8. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
  9. Who is your dream dinner party guest?
  10.  Where do you see yourself in 50 years?
  11. What does a normal day in your life look like?

Okay now for the eleven people to do these questions!  🙂

  1. Ra’Nesha Wilson
  2. Clarie
  3. Tiffany
  4. Karuna
  5. Ann Marie Lipari
  6. Ashlee Barclay
  7. Tracey
  8. Alice
  9. Rashmi
  10. Hope
  11. YOU!  Yes, the one reading this!  Please answer the questions and then share your post below!  🙂

Okay, that seems to be it for the moment!  Enjoy!

Until next time…

Liebster Blog Award part one


I was nominated twice today with in hours of each other…  I must be so popular!  😛

The first time I was nominated by Francesca from this post.  So go check it out!  🙂

The rules : the-rules1

Okay, so I will get started with the questions!

What inspires you as a blogger? 

I love to write, so for me, my writing inspires me as a blogger.  🙂

Who do you blog for?

I blog for myself first and foremost.  I write the way I like to read.  I also blog for all the people trying to balance out life and the call of writing.  I feel that there is an opening in the blogging wold for people in this boat.  🙂

Who or what is your favourite book/ tv/ film character?

Oh man, you are asking to pick one?  Or one of each?
Book – Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
Tv – Star Trek: The Next Generation and Firefly
Film Character : Jack the Pumpkin King.

If you could choose to have a super power, what would it be and why?

I would choose the ability to live off of an hour of sleep.  I can get like 100% more done a day.  And I could get more writing done as well!

What was the last book you read?

Well, this going to be complicated.  Since high school, I can’t just read one book at a time.  But the most finished book was 30 Minute Social Media Marketing by Susan Gunelius.  (If you look over to the side, you can see what I am currently reading form Goodreads. 😀

What was the last film you watched?

Does the baby channel count?  lol  Actually it was Nightmare Before Christmas. 

What was your childhood fear? Has it changed?

My childhood fear?  Well, I had a few my biggest was being unloved or forgotten.  Sadly it’s still a fear of mine but I know that I am loved.  Even if I don’t always believe it.

Recommend a song to me

Gah, I have so many I could suggest for you! But right off hand,
My Imagination by John Legend

Tell me an inspirational quote.  

Right here.  It’s one of my favorites! 🙂 Words to live by!

How much does this nomination mean to you? 

It’s a very nice gesture!  I appreciate that people read my blog and like what I am saying!  Thank you!  🙂

What would you do if you won £1,000,000?

Well, for me, that would translate to about $1,550,375.  First and foremost, I would buy a house for my husband and I and pay for like five years worth of taxes!  Then I will pay off all of our bills and then all his parent’s bills!  After that, and depending on what is left, I will use that money to live off of and continue to work on my writing!  🙂  And I might take a trip!

Okay so now it’s my turn to make up some questions…  Boy, I’m gonna run out of questions soon!

  1. Who are you in five words or less! (Can you think of just five words to describe yourself?)
  2. What makes you smile?
  3. If you have some spare time, what do you do?
  4. Who is a hero in your life?
  5. Are you a planner? Or are you spontaneous?
  6. What is your favorite season of the year?
  7. What is your most prized possession?
  8. What single quality do you most appreciate in people?
  9. Who is your favorite fictional character?
  10. What is your favorite quote and by whom?
  11. Any advice you would like to share with others?

Okay, so I think that’s about it for this post…  Oh and I have to tag people!  Okay, let me get that done!  🙂


Alright.  When I get a little more time, I will fix up the URL’s but for the time being I think you know the rule!  So enjoy!  🙂

Until next time…

New URL! Check it out!

This morning has not been too kind to me.  I am going to try waking up early this week to see if I can get more done before she (my daughter) wakes up and throughout the day.  I am not going to lie, it’s not looking promising.

I finally got my official domain name –>  Please save it for your nurture reference and share it with others!

It wasn’t not as easy as it sees…  Since I was trying to do this in the morning (and that is the worst time of day for me!) it did not got well.  I spent over two hours trying to get my domain mapped over to WordPress.  I was getting no where fast.  I often have a lot of patience but when it comes to mornings, I am not a happy camper.

So after trying and trying, I just gave up and cancelled everything.  And just when I did, everything decided to work.  So then I had to call up and undo my cancellation.  Thank goodness that I was able to speak to  who understands the struggle of not being a morning person.

Once I got everything going, it has worked beautifully!  I just need to remember that in the mornings I shouldn’t try to do much that needs brain power!  (lol)

So, how do you like it?  Please let me know!  Thanks!

Until next time…

New name and my list!

I have changed my name – my blog name that is.  It’s something I have wanted to go for a little while now once I decided more of  a focus for my blog.  How do you like it?  Please let me know!  Thanks!

Also, my assignment for my Writing 101 class is all about making a list.  Lists can go on and on so they had suggested limiting the list somehow.  One way is to set a number of bullet points (5, 10 or more) or time yourself (5, 10 or more minutes) and see how many you come up with.

I have decided to time myself and see how many thing pop into my head and then share it with you guys.  These are just things that popped into my head while I decided to sit down and write.   Here they are…  I ‘listed’ for ten minutes.  This is unfiltered and how random my thoughts are!  I hope you enjoy them.  (I did edit them for spelling since I hate simple spelling errors.)

  1. Man, I need some chocolate.
  2. I should work on finish cleaning my house
  3. Finally she’s asleep.
  4. How will the next bridge scene go?
  5. Which project should I work on next?
  6. How long should my break be before editing?
  7. I need to order some ML packets soon.
  8. I need to work on that Google calendar.
  9. I need to set up a google hangout for write ins.
  10. I think I need to repaint my nails
  11. Is it naptime for me?
  12. I need to sweep and mop after she is in bed tonight.
  13. Can’t we have a folding machine too?
  14. What else can I do to my blog?
  15. I need to figure out who/ how to interview people for my blog.
  16. Should I write a writing help book?
  17. My husband should be home soon.
  18. Stickers!
  19. Ugh, bills in the mail again.
  20. I really just want a day-cation from being adult.
  21. Where is my coloring book?
  22. Man, I’m running out of ideas!
  23. Is having a Facebook page worth it?
  24. Hello out there!
  25. When will humans go to space?
  26. Can I go with them?
  27. You know, liking classical music is kinda hard. Can’t google the song title or anything! Ha!
  28. Tiny Terror’s birthday is coming soon
  29. Where did the time go?
  30. I think I might need to brush my teeth. Something nasty in there.  Lol
  31. I think I need a new webcam
  32. Maybe I can do Youtube videos!
  33. But of what?
  34. I should be really working on something.
  35. NaNoWriMo is coming up soon!
  36. Anyone else as excited as I am?
  37. I think I might need to lay off the caffeine.
  38. But I haven’t really had any today…
  39. I should drink more water daily.
  40. Then I will have to pee more often!
  41. When is the right time to do anything?
  42. How does one increase viewership to a blog?
  43. Does anyone like redheads anymore?
  44. I think my fingers are starting to get sore
  45. Look at all those red lines.
  46. I think I should work on my typing skills a little more.
  47. Does anyone want to donate to Steph needs chocolate fund?
  48. Maybe I should lay off all the chocolate.
  49. I would lose more weight that way…

Also, I am working on a new sharing plan.  A few people have mentioned that my posts often over lap each out.   (Like I share something on Facebook and Twitter and it shows up twice on Facebook since my twitter feed share to Facebook.)  So hopefully it doesn’t happen now.  But if it does, please let me know!

Until next time! 🙂

The Reason I Write

Writing is a very personal thing.  No two writers write for the same reason.  My reasons are different from the writer in the next blog over.  No two people with write the same.  So, why does someone write?  Well, i can’t say why Bob writes, but I can tell you why I write.


To start off, like I have said many times before, I started writing while I was in eighth grade. I remember it clearly because we had a writing assignment.  Normally I struggled with it because I wasn’t a big fan on writing.  I didn’t get the point of it.  But this assignment was different.  It was a free write.  The teacher told us to write about anything we wanted.  Up until that point in my young life, I wanted to be a paleontologist.  So I decided to write about dinosaurs; I wrote them finding out about humans (they were time traveling dinosaurs.)   I turned it in on the due date and waited for my grade,  My goal was to get at least a C and not fail.  Instead, I was called to her office (even now as I rack my brain, I can’t remember her name but I can so clearly see her face and her cute little button nose).  Fearing for the worst, I prepared for the principal to be there and everything else.   But it was only her and me.  I sat down and took a deep breath in.  She smiled and told “I think you should study the art of writing.”  Assuming she was referring to my poor grammar, I frowned.  Another smile and the words, “You have a gift with words.  Your paper made me laugh so much.  I think you need to join our writing group.”

At twelve years old, I never thought about being a writer.  I mean, yeah, I enjoyed English classed and I loved to read but how was I supposed to be able to write like writers do?  Lo and behold, I learned how and I struggle when I can’t get any writing done.

The reason why I write is complicated, to say the least.  I grew up in an abusive environment.  My father for the most part was out of my life and I was a very depressed little girl.  On top of that, I am one of the first classes in school that grew up with standardize testing and we always had to write that way. Since I was young I was taught to journal; to write down what I was feeling as a why to express myself.  It had become second nature for most of my childhood but it was always for my therapist and me.  It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that I could use that skill and turn it into something else.

I guess what I am trying to get at is, for me at least, writing is a way for me to express myself and open up in away that is comfortable for me.  At the same time, writing has help me cope with things that I didn’t know how to handle.  Writing helps me create things that let’s me entertain and amaze the world around me!


As I am typing this up, a tear rolls down my cheek.  For me, writing is like breathing; if I can’t write, I die.  A little dramatic but it’s true.  I love to share writing with others.  Some view writing as a lot of work.  I enjoy every minute of it (even the days I want to pull my hair out).  I won’t change it for the world.

The reason I write is to stay alive! 😀

Well, until next time…


Introducing Me!

Hello all, for all the new followers I am Steph!  I am a fiery redhead with a strong love of words, chocolate, my daughter, my husband and more chocolate!  I hope you enjoy your stay!

I am a full time hopeful writer and a full time stay at home mom.  I have been writing since eighth grade and I have been blogging off on since I was in high school.  I have finally decided to give this my full attention (well not full attention, I need to shower and go to the bathroom once in a while!)

I am here because I feel the need to share the way I handle writing and being a full time mom.  I wish to share what I go through with the world!  A lot of SAHM’s (and SAHD’s) get a lot of grief for ‘staying home and doing nothing.’  I am a stay at home mom with a husband that works at lot during the week and it’s hard just to handle things around the house with a very active almost one year old tiny terror!  I’m not saying working parent’s have it any easier (far from it) but I feel like there is a void when it comes to writing and being a SAHP.  So I hope to create a bridge to the two.  Want to join me?

A few topics I hope you cover with this blog are: writing, motherhood, staying at home parenting; writing advice; NaNoWriMo stuff, DIY stuff and projects with the little ones, my current projects and I hope to add interviews with other people within the writing, publishing and parenthood communities!  (If being interviewed is something you are interested in doing – and you love to write, are writing, a published author, a parent or you fit in more than one, contact me through one of these channels)

Other all, I just love to help others, if it’s with writing, dealing with problems or just being an ear to vent to (or an outlet to express yourself) and I hope that this blog will help you!  I also love to connect with other writers!  So go ahead, let’s be friends! 😀

For the moment, I think that is all.  I hope you enjoy what you see!  I hope to here from you soon!

Until next time!




I was nominated by Tracey to answer these ten questions! How did she know I love top ten questions?
After these ten questions, i have to make my own ten question and then nominate other bloggers! So be on the look out world!
Now without further ado…
1.  What is your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure? No be honest, I really don’t have one that is horrible. I just like to eat chocolate… so if you leave it out, i will eat it… so watch out!  Other than that, there isn’t really anything i do that makes me feel guilty…  Well… there is some music….  I’ll take about that later. 😀
2.   When you go to the movies, do you go for action, comedy, drama… and why?
To be honest, I really don’t go to the movies very often.  Between the money spent and the fact other people are there, I really just don’t enjoy it.  I am a person who likes to take the whole movie in.  I like to rewind and re-watch what just happened so I can understand what happened and try to guess what might happen next!  An on top of that, I HATE wasting money on a horrible movie.  But if I do go, nine times out of ten it’s a comedy, that’s the movie my husband and I go see. It’s a safer bet.  🙂
3.  If you are an author… What would you like to say about your upcoming novel?  Well, since I am still on my first draft, I will tell you this: it’s a sci-fi with a redhead as a lead.  Why?  Because we need more redheads as leads and not the villains (but not all villains are bad!)  On top of that, we need more female leads (in all genres) that aren’t waiting for a man to save her…  Wait, I was talking about my book, okay, sorry.  It’s a sci-fi space opera.  There’s a conspiracy but it’s space, what do you do when you are all alone?  Who do you trust? Leading officers, best friends, people you grew up with?  Hmmm…  You will just have to wait to see!  I did post a very rough sample of what I was writing here.
3a. If you are an avid reader … What book has you bouncing from foot to foot, as you wait for its release?
GAH!  There are quite a bit to be excited…  but there is just too many to list!   But there is one…
4.  What type of accent do you have, what type do you love to hear, and what type would you like to have if you could change your own???
Since I was born and raised in New England, I often forget to pronounce my ‘r’s but most of the time, I really don’t have an accent.  I love the English accent and I love just listening to them speak but over all I really like them all. I don’t think I would change my own.
5.  Where is your favorite past vacation spot, and where would you like to go before you die?
To be honest, I even really have been ‘on vacation.’  We either can’t afford it or just don’t have the time.  But I love the beach and I miss it so much right now.  (I’m in the middle of Nebraska at the moment.)
6.  No matter if you are an author or not, what advice would you give to your favorite author?
7.  If you could make everyone in the world answer one question, no holds bar and unfailingly honestly…. what would it be?
I really don’t know.  Maybe if they wanted to be beta readers or if they even liked what I wrote.  EEEKKKK!  I don’t know if I want the know the answer to that last question!  :O
8.  What is your spirit animal?
I have no clue.  But this might help…  squirrel
9. Do you do anything similar (and guys, we will call it a man-purse, or just always available in your truck 😛 ) And do you have a favorite pen?  Nine times out of ten, yes, I always have pens and paper with me.  You never know when an idea will hit you upside the back of the head and beat you down until you jot it down.  I also try to keep my cell phone handy to take down the idea too.  But with a young child at home, I try not to be glued to my phone.  🙂 Here is what is often in my bag…
10.  And last but not least, describe your craziest life experience.
Oh man, there are so many..  My whole life is a crazy experience.  I grew up with crazy.  I think hands down, there was one that just was crazier than the rest.  My mother has hated me my whole life (I spent most of my time with my grandparents [which is another can of worms].)  There was one time I had come home from school and the door was locked.  It wasn’t terribly abnormal, but I could hear my mother was home so I shouted for her open up and let me in.  She then faked an accent and said that no one was house and I had the wrong house. I just shook my head and pulled out my house key.  I unlocked the door and walked in.  My mother looks at me dead in the face and said “Aww fuck, I hope you had died or something.”  Any normal eight might have cried but for me it was kinda nice for my mother to wish me a quick death.  I know, I’m odd, I come from an odd family and you will just have to deal with it!
Okay, so now that I have answered those ten questions, now I need to make up my own ten questions!  So here they are!
  1. What is you favorite thing in the world?  That one thing you can not live without?
  2. Do you like books you can hold or ebooks?
  3. Do you have a library card?  If so, why not?
  4. Do you participate in NaNoWriMo?  If so, do you want to be friends?  If not, WHY NOT?
  5. What is your favorite color pair?
  6. Do you sing in the shower?
  7. What do you look for in blogs? What is your favorite blog?  Do you care to share it?
  8. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  9. DO you like to join an online writing group?  Are you already part of one?  Share it with me! 😀
  10. What Inspires You?
Now… I will be sending these questions out to…
  1. Tracey!
  2. B.P. Crouse
  3. Jean’s Writing
  4. Carol (Writeful Mind)
  5. Peggy (A Kind Of Single Lady)
  6. Dana (Nerdy Girl On A Mission)
  8. miss ky
  9. Emily (Adventures in Writing)
  10. YOU!  The one that is reading this!  Answer these questions and then let me know about it!  🙂

Okay, so that seems to be it for this blog post.  I have a lot going on! I had signed up for Writing 101 and Blogging 101.  So you might see a blog post daily (or even more than one a day!  [kinda like today!].)

Until next time…

August Wrap Up and a Game Plan to Fix it!

Oh man, August flew by! I don’t know where the time went.  I now have an eleven month old tiny terror and it’s another month closer to NaNoWriMo!

August was a piss poor month for me when it came to writing.  My word count was 9649 FOR THE WHOLE MONTH! That is pathetic!  On top of that, I only wrote for a eleven days out of the whole month. I feel like a liar when I say that I am a writer! A writer writes everyday (or does something related to writing).  I only did it eleven day out of the month! I am just shocked by that!

So I have came up with a game plan. Like I mentioned before, NaNoWriMo is now even closer!  Like two months away! SO I need to work on getting my word count up.  Like a runner doesn’t run a marathon overnight, I need to train for this!  I got inspiration for this from here.  Emily suggested to to train in a two part series.

Part One: A short story of 12,500 words. (Or over) Easy peasy, right? Okay, sure. But do it in 12 days. (Yes, time frame is pretty much arbitrary. I didn’t say it was a logical challenge.)  – 

Adventures in Writing

So the first part is about writing a short story to get words on the page and get your whistle wet! Words can’t come out until you start taping the keyboard!

Part Two: After part one and a short rest period, say 4 days. Step it up to 25,000 words in 30 days. – 

Adventures in Writing

Part two is all about increasing your word count. It will take a month to do, (Maybe September?) It is something you need to stick with! 🙂

But what if this is too much for you to take on at once, well, I know for me and my busy life, I need to slow down a little bit (and by slow down, I mean take it easier than this).   For me, I get very limited window to get a lot of writing done, so I try so hard to get words down but if you are anything like me, sometimes you bite off more than you chew.

That is what happened it August. I put that I wanted to get 2000 words done a day but when I sat down to write, I became a deer in head lights!  I was so worried about how many words I was writing that I froze.  That is not what I writer does -freeze all the time.  A writer writes!  So I came up with this little plan!

I choose to start this little experience in September (I know I am crazy!).  To begin with, this plan will take almost six weeks to do.  Why?  It is all about conditioning your body and mind to write.  It takes time for you body to adjust and you really don’t want to set yourself up for failure! So here is the overview: (and remember, adjust this for your goals and what you are available to do!)

  • Week one – 500 words a day
  • Week Two – 750 words a day
  • Week Three – 1000 words a day
  • Week Four – 1250 Words a day
  • Week Five – 1500 words a day (Note to win NaNoWriMo on time you need at least 1667 words a day!)
  • Week Six – 2000 words a day

What do you think about this?  Do you think you can do it?  Or do you like Emily’s idea?  Let me know!  I love to help and I would love to help you guys, so let me know what I can do!

I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes for me!

Until next time..

MIA (Sorry)

I am so sorry, Like has just been so busy.  I promise to work in more blog posts in the future!  Between my daughter teething (I dunno know who that was!) and just life in general, I have become swamped!

I will have a blog post about August and all that good stuff, so be on the look out!  🙂

I will also I have joined a dance class.  I have never danced before in my life so it was all new to me!  It is something I plan to tackle head on!  So watch out!

Hopefully I will be able to update more throughout this month!  So be on the look out and comment to your heart;s content!

Until next time…