DIY fail-ish

So i decided to try this... let me just say... do not get high hopes... I started out with the sugar... Then came adding the food coloring. ... I'm a green freak do I picked green. It clumped up and it took a lot of work to blend it all in. After years of string and… Continue reading DIY fail-ish

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Simple update.

But first, let me share a selfie! Safety first!  I don't want to update without the proper head gear. 😂😂😂 I know, I'm not the prettiest thing to look at and my tongue looks like a spilt chin but here I am... redheaded and all. I achieved something today! I have ten followers  (well now… Continue reading Simple update.

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Oh Snap! Squirrel bowls and storms!

I got my squirrel bowl out! You know I'm up to something! Wanna find out?

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I have fans!

Look at all my fans! They just love me so much... it has nothing to do with the fries that I threw at them... 😂😂😂 Sorry, I crack myself up! They surrounded my van and just kept quaking at me until I took their picture... or have them more fries... either way they love me!… Continue reading I have fans!

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Lunch with the boss.

So I decided to take a break from working on my blog to have lunch with this adorable little girl. She is too cute to handle!  My little Serenity! She fell asleep midway through lunch so I thought I would share a line or two with the world.  The duck is checking me out, so… Continue reading Lunch with the boss.