Writing 101 assignment.

Alright, here is another Writing 101 assignment.  This time this is a ‘one word prompt’.  It boils down to you pick one word (here are the words: treasure, regret, home, love, uncertainty, secret.) and then write about it.  Sounds great?  Well, to me, it is!

I like to time myself when I write.  15 minutes was the magic number this time.  (For my fiction writing I give myself 15 minutes and for my other writings I tend to give myself 10!)  I feel it helps me get the words out.  Not everyone likes that, but for me it works.  One top of that, this will be a sample ‘rough draft’ of my current work in progress.  It’s a little odd, but when I looked at the writing assignment, the next scene for my current project popped into my mind.

The word that popped out to me was Secret.  So I hope you enjoy!

Here is a little back story.  This is a futurist science fiction novel.  The main character is Sam, a redheaded woman with a secret.  She is currently under ‘house arrest’ and is just trying to get something to eat.  **Note:  This is a rough draft of my current project, this is no how perfect.  I just wanted to share a little bit of writing.  I know that it’s not perfect; that what editing is for. (I know grammar is off, descriptions are more tell-y than show-y – that is what the second draft is for! 😀 )  In the meanwhile enjoy!  You are welcome to leave some feedback if you wish, just be polite and nice. Thank you!

Samantha walked into the mess hall and looked around. All conversation had stopped and all eyes were on her. She took a deep breath in and walked over to the counter. Bryant stayed close but didn’t get within two steps closer to her. She froze in her track when she noticed that Haniyyah wasn’t there. It was the younger man who often covered the night shift. Samantha stepped forward and forced a smile.
“I would like to have the basic human survival meal,” she chuckled to herself. It wasn’t the time or place but her words made her laugh.
The young male looked at her with wide eyes. His eyes shifted from her to Bryant standing behind her. “I was told to only produce bread and water for you. Captain orders.” His tone was soft and weak and his words were soft.
Sam nodded her head, “I understand,” she replied. “I’ll take that then.”
“Okay,” he answered. He walked over to the food processor and punched in her order. He walked back to her. “H told me to make sure you were okay?”
“Who is H?” Bryant butted in.
“Oh, she’s just the old lady that is here,” he replied as he gulped. “She’s kinda like a mother to everyone.”
“Hm,” he nodded his head. “Just tell her not to worry about this one.” He moved his eyes toward Sam.
“Just let her know that I am fine,” she said with a high tone of uncertainty. For the first time in her short life, she was feeling nervous and scared. There was a secret going here and somehow she was the center of it. Most of her life she had to hide, keep secrets and distance herself from others. Right now, she couldn’t tell if being different was going to help her or hurt her. It wasn’t directly her she was worried about; she worried about her father, Haniyyah, Nick and the rest of the crew. Was she putting them in danger?
The mess hall doors open and Nick walked in. They locked eyes. With every ouch in her being, she tried to swallow her emotions and become the computer she always had to be.

So, what did you think?  I got about 365 words done in fifteen minutes!   What did you get written!  Share it below!  🙂  Thank you!

Until next time…


  1. PamelaFaith

    Love it, another redhead in the group! I want to read the next chapter of your readhead adventures!

    1. Steph Wenburg

      Thank you! I am still working on finishing the first draft but I will share once I start polishing! 😀

  2. Megan

    Futurist science fiction novel? A redhead with a secret? I’m loving this! I hope you get to write more.

  3. hopecollishaw

    ooh, intriguing! makes me want to know more. though, at the end, what do you mean by ‘being a computer?’ kind of an odd word choice, but that’s a tiny thing. 🙂

    1. Steph Wenburg

      Well, that is often a reference made to her from other characters. They often call her the ‘walking computer’ or other things like that. So she had developed ‘acting like a computer’ – response with little emotion, seems to have an endless about of knowledge, and things like that. 🙂 Thank you for commenting! 🙂

      1. hopecollishaw

        oh, I see. I thought that’s what you meant, but I wasn’t too sure… 🙂

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