Adjusting to anything new takes time. Some times it a few days sometimes it takes a few months. Between the move and the pandemic, there are many changes going on in our lives. We are not alone with a new way of life, nor our way life is alien to anyone. This is our new normal. It is a change that no one was truly prepared for – even though you have watched days worth of post-apocalyptic movies or read forest of novels.

As the world around us might be falling apart, I am happy to announce that we are slowly settling into our new home. All my books are in my bookcases. The kitchen is almost all together. The bathroom is altogether. Our living room is almost together. Our house is almost our home. This adjustment is happening at a great pace!

With all of this moving stuff going on, I have been able to focus on something other than the virus. But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been aware of what is going on, but with all my mental health issues, I have chosen not to focus on it. Again, it doesn’t mean that I have ignored it but for my mental health, and for the mental health of my girls, I have chosen to focus on other active things in life. Like spending time with my girls (even if they are always fighting each other.)

Once we have everything in its place, I aim to get back into our routine with the girls. With a game plan in mind, it’s much easier to keep the girls from fighting with each other. Also, it helps prevent the girls from losing any learning from their traditional school. I can’t replace their regular school, but I can supplement with them. It has been a slow process since I really have no idea how to teach children but I hope it will be a fun experience with the girls. It will just take some adjusting!

Either way, as we all settle in, I have been reviewing my goals and I aim to add more clients! Please, if you need any help with copywriting or bookkeeping, reach out to me! Find all the ways you can reach out to me here.

Another goal of mine is to grow my readers on my blog, so if you enjoy this, please share it with some friends!

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