I have wonderful news! A huge update! This will be short and sweet, but I finally got my degree and diploma in the mail today! … “Update!”

I’m a Bookkeeper; I’m a Writer, but I am not a Chef…

Today I thought I would share a funny story. It definitely shows where my strengths are and what my weaknesses are in life. Yesterday evening, … “I’m a Bookkeeper; I’m a Writer, but I am not a Chef…”

Great News!

I will address the elephant in the room; it has been well over a year since I last posted or updated here. I am terribly … “Great News!”

Happy New Year!

So it has been a while.  Things have been moving at light speed and does not look like it is going to slow down! I … “Happy New Year!”

New Adventures Await for me

Things have been changing for me!  Here’s a quick update! Family front – My daughter had her tonsils out in October and the healing process … “New Adventures Await for me”

NaNoWriMo Nebraska Elsewhere Write-in Schedule

NaNoWriMo time! Hello all!  Thank you for the visit!  I have created a calendar that you can print out that has all the dates for … “NaNoWriMo Nebraska Elsewhere Write-in Schedule”

Ten Ways to be a Horrible Stay at Home Parent

Being a stay at home parent is a challenge. No ands, ifs, or butts about it.  Doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, … “Ten Ways to be a Horrible Stay at Home Parent”

When Life Throws You Lemons Change the Recipe

You have two option (well maybe three); you either learn to make lemonade, or you cry.  (the third option, you make lemonade and add some … “When Life Throws You Lemons Change the Recipe”

Fall is here…

Fall is here. It is one of my favorite time of year. Things get back to a normal routine and normal patterns return. The leaves … “Fall is here…”

Welcome to the jungle!

This will be brief. If you followed me on my other site, you will realize that I have moved and things have changed. Please don’t … “Welcome to the jungle!”