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    Welcome to the jungle!

    This will be brief. If you followed me on my other site, you will realize that I have moved and things have changed. Please don’t panic. Change is good. But change takes time. As I am working out all the details, things are going to move, things are going to look different and somethings might disappear. Please let me know what you are thinking! Tell me what you like (or dislike). Tell me what you would like to see here! During this time, I am open to some suggestions! I hope to see you around! Until next time…

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    Science Fiction Giveaway

    Hello, everyone! I thought I would share this lovely giveaway! Since I am a lover of sci-fi, I thought I would share it! Time for another big book giveaway folks! The books are all free on Amazon (some with KU), and everyone can also enter to win a Kindle Fire or an Amazon Gift Card (paid for by the authors). Click the photo or link to go to the booklist/giveaway. Source: Sci-fi, Fantasy, & Horror Giveaway!

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    Week of 8/14 Deals

    Welcome! This is the deals for this week (until next Wednesday!) I am going to break down this list into three different sections. A Target section, a HyVee section, and a Walmart Price Matcher section. These are the three main stores I go to save money. I go to these three stores for different reasons. Target, for example, I can use a store coupon, a manufacturer coupon, and a cartwheel offer on top of sale prices per one item! (Have no clue what I am talking about? Check out here). I’ll explain the others as I go along! Well, let’s start. Target As this progresses, I won’t be as wordy…

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    A Little Sampling of Savings

    In my last blog post here, I told you that I was going to add a ‘deal sheet’ every Wednesday. Well, I thought that I would share a deal with you guys.  Again, I will state that this deal is valid in central Nebraska but I do not know where else! (But the coupon is good anywhere internet coupons are accepted.) HyVee is having Yoplait single serve cups on sale for 39¢ each! Check it out for yourself here.  (You can price match it at Walmart)  Then you can print a coupon here for a dollar off five or if you have last week’s (8/7 SmartSource) flyer, you can cut it from there.…

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    Hello and sorry for the mess!

    I say that a lot with a toddler.  Way more than I thought I would ever need to say it. Anyway, I thought I would let you guys know that things are going to be a little bit messy for the next week or so.  I just upgraded to delf-hosting through 1&1.com. I love them and they have been so very helpful during all this mess! Either way, things are going to be messing as I get everything just the way I want it! I hope you enjoy it! Remember, keep your eye open there will be a lot of new stuff going on! Until next time…

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    Five Simple Ways to Save Money

    Saving money is everyone’s goal in life. Regrettably, money has become central to life. But don’t fret, there are ways to save some money! Remember, every little bit counts. Once I got into couponing and saving money, a lot of people ask me about my tips and tricks. So I have decided to share some of my tips in an ongoing series. Each week I aim to share what I know and what I learn with you guys. One other little thing, there will be an announcement at the end of this post! Be on the look out for it! Without further a due, let’s share some tips! 1. Shop…

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    Five Signs You Are A Creative Person

    You dream in vivid color. You often are caught staring out the window. You struggle with knowing who you are. If you nodded your head to any of these statements above, there is a chance you might be creative. But how do you really know if you are creative? Is there a test? Do you have to take a class? Can you read a book?  Well, no. It’s not that easy. To paraphrase Bob Marley, nothing worth doing is easy and if it’s easy, it’s not worth doing. So take a moment, take a deep breath and read. If any of these traits click with you, there is a strong…

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    New Face; New Words

    Well hello all!  It’s been a long time since I have been able to update.  Things in my personal life have kept me away but now I have been able to return!  It’s Return of the Steph!  Did you miss me? Well, as you can tell, I have updated the site’s look.  I feel it’s a nice upgrade!  What do you think? I’ve also updated my ‘about me’ page.  Please check it out here.  There are a few cute little girls on the page, but I’m a little partial. Be on the look out, I will be posting about once a week!  I’ll see you soon! Until next time!

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    In like a lion, out like a lamb…

    That’s how March is often described as; it’s how I grew up remembering it. I lived on the East coast and I would hear it a lot. Every March first, the teacher would change the hearts and set up the lions and lambs. Either way, March is almost always known to be a transitional month. Let’s just say that it is true for me this month! Last month was pretty busy for me. A lot of things had been going on. Doctor appointments, babysitting a little more, so many school events and birthdays. Somewhere I once I read that February was the least popular month for birthdays. I don’t think…