Blogger Recognition Award

I am highly honored to be nominated!  I was nominated by Joan from her post here .  I have never been nominated for this one so I am really excited!

The rules for accepting this award: 1. Tell how your blog got started. 2. Give some advice to new bloggers 3. Choose blogs that you would like to pass the award on to.

Here goes nothing! 🙂

How did I get started blogging?

I had started blogging about two years ago.  I dibble and dabbled a little bit before I really sat down and decided that blogging was something I really wanted to do! My dream is to become a published author.  To achieve this, so many places have stated that having a platform will increase the chances of being published.  So I thought that creating a blog would be very helpful and it gives me a chance to showcase my writing skills.  How am I doing?

What advice would I give a new blogger?

Stick it it.  It is not an overnight thing at all.  It take time, lots of writing and patience. You have to work at it every day and be willing to take risks. I enjoy writing and I have no problem sitting down and just writing!  Not everyone else can do that.  So find a skill or a talent of high enjoyment – that you can write about – and pursue it!  If you love it, they well love.  If you don’t love it, they will know!

Okay, so I have chosen a few talented bloggers to share this blogging award with.  It was quite hard for several reasons, one, I have so many blogs to pick from and two, it’s really hard to just pick a few!  So in no special order, enjoy!  Check these people out!  🙂  Thank you!

I could have gone on and on but I think I will keep this short!  Give these people some love!

Until next time..


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