Featured Freelancer at goLance – the Article

I am the featured freelancer at goLance.com!

There is some astonishing news in my world; I am the featured goLancer at goLance.com! It means they picked me, a freelancer, to showcase on their site! On their blog, on their social media accounts and everywhere else my picture and profile are what people see! Isn’t that exciting?
Either way, I am super happy about this honor, and I am sharing this everywhere!

Featured Freelancer at goLance.com
This is my picture that is on the blog post! My profile on goLance.com
goLance logo
goLance’s logo – check them out here.

The article is here. I am the newest blog post (as of this writing), and I am on the front page!

goLance.com is a job board site like no other! Everything is smooth lined, their rates are lower than most other websites, and it doesn’t cost to sign up (or apply for jobs).

A quick note, I am not being paid to brag about this site or the services available. I am just bragging about how I am the pick for the featured freelancer! Being the featured goLancer is a huge honor for me! It is getting my name out there and showing the world what I am capable of achieving!

As I wrap up and do my happy dance, I want to remind you that I am a bookkeeper and writer. I love nothing else but to help you with your books or your writing projects! If you need my services, please, reach out to me! You can get a hold of me via my email or through any site listed here.


I have wonderful news! A huge update! This will be short and sweet, but I finally got my degree and diploma in the mail today! It means it’s official! I have my associate’s degree! I am all done!

It is a little bittersweet. I have been a student with Central Community College for many years, and I have received many different degrees and diplomas from there. But all good things must come to an end. Not that I want it to end, but change is good. And the next step is getting closer!

Here is my associate degree!
Here is my diploma in business administration!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you need any bookkeeping or copy-writing done, please, contact me here!

Until next time!


Great News!

I will address the elephant in the room; it has been well over a year since I last posted or updated here. I am terribly sorry about that. 2018 wasn’t the kindest to me, and it took me a while to get my feet back on the ground.


Please check this out! And please share it with your friends!

Also, I plan to finish my AAS in Accounting this May! So I would love all the positive vibes and thoughts for a good finish!

One last thing, if you or any of your friends need any bookkeeping help, please, send them my way!!

As always, many thanks for your grateful ginger!

– Steph