Boredom with some many things to do!

Have you ever been bored to tears and had a long list of things to do?  Oh boy, I have that right now!   So, here my luandry list of things to do:

  • Dishes
  • Clean house
  • Bring dog to vet for yearly check up
  • Get daughter ready to go to Vet
  • Work on blog posts for the month
  • Read
  • Schedule hair cut
  • Balance checkbook
  • Get gas for Van
  • Prepare for tomorrow’s shopping trip
  • Do stuff in general.

I have plenty of stuff to do but not one once of energy to do anything.  I don’t even have energy to watch TV!  Help!

Oh well, off to at least get the dog and kid ready to go! Wish me luck!  🙂

I have fans!


Look at all my fans! They just love me so much… it has nothing to do with the fries that I threw at them… 😂😂😂


Sorry, I crack myself up! They surrounded my van and just kept quaking at me until I took their picture… or have them more fries… either way they love me!

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Lunch with the boss.


So I decided to take a break from working on my blog to have lunch with this adorable little girl. She is too cute to handle!  My little Serenity! She fell asleep midway through lunch so I thought I would share a line or two with the world. 


The duck is checking me out, so I decided to make him famous! I think he’ll go by the stage name Ducky. Ha! I crack myself up.

Well, off I go.  Back to the grind of the real world!

Until next time…

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A little personal but so very cute!

One year ago I got to see my baby girl for the first time. It is just crazy how fast time flies. One year ago I was sitting at the doctor’s office waiting to see her! Now I get to spend my days seeing her grow and smile! I just love our time together! I’m just a little sad that she is growing so fast!

Until next time!  🙂 

These little moments

This little girl is worth so much to me! I was told for years I couldn’t have children… Well they were wrong! I love her more than words can describe… I just thought I would share my special little girl! ❤

The waiting game….

So my husband applied everywhere for a job. I made him apply at Wal-Mart, where I work. He got a job interview literally twelve hours after he put the application in. And he has about three different departments, who are looking people,  going after him. He finally texted me and sais he got a job. This good news but I have been waiting and waiting and waiting… I know this is good news but does it have to take so much time to get done?  Okay you can laugh. I always say that I’m a very patient person but right now I’m like dying over here. It’s been like over an hour… Actually it has been like seventy minutes… gah the waiting… I just thought I would share!