Happy New Year!

So it has been a while.  Things have been moving at light speed and does not look like it is going to slow down!

I just wanted to say happy New Year! And that there new things that are going to be happening!

I hope you are able to achieve your goals this year!

Until next time, Steph.

fall leaves on a bench

Fall is here…

Fall is here. It is one of my favorite time of year. Things get back to a normal routine and normal patterns return. The leaves start to turn colors and it shows that there can be beauty in death. Anyway….

Fall has come back around and for some reason, this year it feels much more amazing. Why might you ask? Well, let’s write a list. (I just love lists!)

  • First off, it’s not ungodly hot and I do not feel like I am going to melt. Even in my air conditioned house, it still was hot as hell out there this summer!  Also, bugs go back to hell, where they belong!
  • Second, my baby is going to be two years old this Sunday! Where the hell did the time go?
  • Third, my other baby (I had another one in June) is three months old and nursing is going very well with her!
  • Fourth, postpartum depression hasn’t hit me yet with my second one like it did with my first one!
  • Fifth, I enrolled back into school. I’m going for my associate’s degree in business with a focus in accounting. So far in both my classes I have an average of 97%! So school is going well.
  • Sixth, I start a tax preparer class on Tuesday. I’m nervous and excited at the same time!  It’s going to be a challenge but I am up for it.
  • Seventh, NaNoWriMo starts in almost seven weeks from now! I am so excited for this! I’m the ML again this year!

So overall, things are looking up. I look forward to the future at the moment. I hope you guys follow along and enjoy the future with me!

So, tell me, do you guys enjoy the fall season? Please, tell me!  Sound off in the comments!

Happy Birthday – TO ME!

Today is my birthday!  I just thought I would share! I’m a big 26! 🙂

So if you want to do something nice for me on my birthday, share my blog and tell your freidns to check me out!  It would make my day!

I’ll be back soon with lots of new stuff so please keep your eyes open!  (I know I have said this before but I promise I have lots of good stuff!)  🙂

So, happy birthday to me!

Until next time!

Halloween Love

For those who might not know, I love Halloween!  I know, it’s totally a ‘white girl thing’ but I just love Halloween! 🙂 So, I thought that I would share a few pictures of some of my Halloween stuff! 🙂  This is just the tip of the iceberg! So enjoy!

wpid-20151004_200653.jpg My blow up guys!  🙂

wpid-20151004_224315.jpg Candy Corn lights! 🙂

wpid-20151004_224224.jpg  They are watching you! 🙂

wpid-20151004_224156.jpg This is inside of the wall of my Writing Corner.

There will be more as we get closer to Halloween but for now, I thought I would share! 🙂

Until next time..

Happy birthday baby girl!

I want to wish you a very happy birthday my little one!

wpid-20140925_234754.jpg The very first picture I have of you! You weren’t very happy about it at all.

I will admit it wasn’t ‘love at first sight.’  I was terrified.  I just had surgery and I was still a little groggy. I realized that you are now my responsibility.  THat scared me.

wpid-wp-1443148645918.jpeg I was so worried!  I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t want to screw you up.  You were so small (okay, not that small.  You came in at over nine pounds!) and perfect.

The first few days were hard.  I didn’t want to break you or hurt you in any other way.  But it was during the first few days that I realized that I loved you.  The pain was a lot to handle but your snuggles helped (they didn’t fix everything but made me feel better.) 🙂

wpid-20141122_201135.jpg You were so active! Some days I didn’t know if I could keep up with you!  Where did you get all that energy?

wpid-20141202_142106.jpg It was a lot of fun learned how to get you dressed and playing dress up with you!

wpid-20150331_175737.jpg You sometimes were just so beautiful I forgot to breathe! 🙂  I am amazed on how perfect you are!   How did you become so perfect?

wpid-20150917_210422.jpg wpid-20150923_110835.jpg  Now look at you!  You are just so beautiful!  I am so lucky to be your mom.  Thank you Serenity.  You taught me so much within the last year.  I hope for many. many. many more!

I listened to you breathe as you slept.  It’s such calming sound.  I can’t believe that when you wake in the morning, you will be a year old!  (But you won’t be official until 8:46pm CST)

I just want to thank you and all that you do.  You have pushed me (and my buttons a few times) but without you, I won’t have even know where my limits are! Without you, I wouldn’t push myself to achieve so much!

Dear Serenity, reach for the moon!  Even if you miss, you will land among stars! 🙂

I just want you to know what all that I do it for you and I love you more that words can say. I don’t want you to follow in my footsteps. I want you to take the path next to me and go further than I could have ever dreamed possible.

I love you Serenity!

Until next time…

*I won’t be around much to day, so if you need me, you can email at info@stephwenburg.com but I won’t see it until Saturday! 🙂

Boredom with some many things to do!

Have you ever been bored to tears and had a long list of things to do?  Oh boy, I have that right now!   So, here my luandry list of things to do:

  • Dishes
  • Clean house
  • Bring dog to vet for yearly check up
  • Get daughter ready to go to Vet
  • Work on blog posts for the month
  • Read
  • Schedule hair cut
  • Balance checkbook
  • Get gas for Van
  • Prepare for tomorrow’s shopping trip
  • Do stuff in general.

I have plenty of stuff to do but not one once of energy to do anything.  I don’t even have energy to watch TV!  Help!

Oh well, off to at least get the dog and kid ready to go! Wish me luck!  🙂

I have fans!


Look at all my fans! They just love me so much… it has nothing to do with the fries that I threw at them… 😂😂😂


Sorry, I crack myself up! They surrounded my van and just kept quaking at me until I took their picture… or have them more fries… either way they love me!

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Lunch with the boss.


So I decided to take a break from working on my blog to have lunch with this adorable little girl. She is too cute to handle!  My little Serenity! She fell asleep midway through lunch so I thought I would share a line or two with the world. 


The duck is checking me out, so I decided to make him famous! I think he’ll go by the stage name Ducky. Ha! I crack myself up.

Well, off I go.  Back to the grind of the real world!

Until next time…

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A little personal but so very cute!

One year ago I got to see my baby girl for the first time. It is just crazy how fast time flies. One year ago I was sitting at the doctor’s office waiting to see her! Now I get to spend my days seeing her grow and smile! I just love our time together! I’m just a little sad that she is growing so fast!

Until next time!  🙂 

These little moments

This little girl is worth so much to me! I was told for years I couldn’t have children… Well they were wrong! I love her more than words can describe… I just thought I would share my special little girl! ❤