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Self improvement never happens over night.   So many people want the quick and easy solution for EVERYTHING!  That’s why weight loss, smoking cession, writing the next great American novel and so many other things never seem to happen.  It’s quite a sad state of affairs.

When I make a goal, I know that it will not happen overnight.  It won’t even happen within the week or month.  It will take time, weeks, months, and even years to happen.  It has taken a long time for me to realize this fact.  I hope that everyone out there who is reading this, realizes this too!

So, I am just going to kinda list the few goals I have for my life and the next year.  Then, throughout the next two weeks I am going to go into more detail about each one in a different blog post.  I am currently working on a lot of things to work on myself.

The first thing I am going to chit chat about is my goals for this blog.  I posted earlier this year that I really want this blog to be able my struggles with depression and all the many parts of life (being a mother, being a wife, being a blogger, being a writer, being a learner and so on and so on.)  I want this to be an outlet for me but a place where other people can learn from what I have done and tried.  I also want this blog to be a chronicle of sorts about my life and how I got to be where I am.  My one day goal is to be a published author; but, that doesn’t happen over night.  This will be my story about life.

The other thing I am working on is improving my writing.  I am currently working on blogging (this!) and working on writing more on a daily basis.  This is going to be one the hardest things to achieve since I am a full time mommy and full time wife.  I will find a way to achieve this.  It will take a lot of bouncing but I will get this done one day!  This will have to be taken with baby steps!

Another thing I am currently working on is getting into bookkeeping.  I know this sounds VERY weird for someone who dreams about becoming an author to take such a very uncreative career choice but for some odd reason, I have really taken a liking to it.  There is something about it that just seems to click with me so I am currently reading some books about the topic and I am looking into going to school (or taking a few classes) about it!  I’ll keep ya posted on it!

On top of all this, my husband and I are currently looking to buy our first house.  It is a very long process and there are so many steps to go through!  We are at the very first steps of the whole process and it is looking pretty exciting!

Overall, one of my main missions is to work on improving myself. I have been working on learning Spanish (I have an app on my phone).  I have have been trying to work on learning on HTML (which again I have an app for that).  I also have been talking free online classes about personal finances, bookkeeping and a few other things.  I’m slightly addicted to learning new things!

Okay, so that seems to be enough rambling from me!  I hope you enjoy this!  Please leave your comments below!  I would love to hear from you!  Be on the look out for more blogs in the upcoming future about things!

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