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Disclosure and other things… Please read!

This is my disclosure… But sure to read it! There might even be a test on this! Or not. I’ve been a little under the weather.

As anyone may have guessed, everything with COVID-19 has changed the way we handle the world. Things that we haven’t even dreamed of are now everyday life. That means we are doing things very differently now and will be in the future.

That means I will be doing things differently and I hope it will be in a good way. Life during COVID has been challenging and for a lack of a better word, very hard. I have hit a dark period of low moods, no energy, loss in motivation, and just all-around just not having a good time. Reasons beyond my control, life has been a challenge and in that challenge, I have lost many battles. The war is not over, so I still have a chance on winning but I need to change things.

One of those changes, the reason for my disclosure, is that I have decided to write more on my blog about my life. My therapist suggested that I write down events that happened in my life. There are two reasons for this: one, writing down these things will help remember and leave a record of what has happened and two, my dream is to be a writer, and what better way to work on my writing by ‘writing what I know?’

Let’s circle back to my disclosure, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about anything that I write about. This is an outlet to share what happens in my life and to share my humorous twist on things. Hence, I do not want anyone to take offense, or believe that any person I write about is evil/ mean/ crazy/ psycho. This is literally just a humorous take on life – my life. No one is perfect and I truly hope that you learn that I am nowhere near perfect. Also, I really want you to just laugh at what I share. There is no need for more unhappiness or anger. I want to share a laugh at things we all deal with.

Additionally, there is a chance I will use a hyperbole (which is this) and it is used to exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. It is often used in humor, fantasy and other fiction.

In the end, this is just for fun. I share this now because I want it ingrained in people’s minds so when there are reading anything I wrote, this disclosure will be bouncing around in the back of their head.

Before I leave, I really want to let everyone know, feel free to share a post you really enjoy. Sharing is caring and I would be so happy if you share any of my posts!

Finally, if you or anyone you know needs any bookkeeping help, please feel free to contact me through this link.

Until next time
Steph Wenburg

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