DIY fail-ish


So i decided to try this… let me just say… do not get high hopes…

I started out with the sugar…


Then came adding the food coloring. … I’m a green freak do I picked green.


It clumped up and it took a lot of work to blend it all in.

In the middle of mixing… it felt like it took several years.

After years of string and blending you finally get green colored sugar.


After that, you have to put it in a pan… I put parchment paper in the bottom due to the fear of it staining my baking pans. (It stained my fingertips really bad.)   You have to make sure that you make sure its all flat in the pan.


I had my oven at 350° and it took way longer than 20 mins before it started to crystallize. I think it took me close to 25 minutes. …

And in the end I got this…


It just barely sparkles. … it was a bit of a fail… but i did get green sugar out of it all. I think that was the point,  wasn’t it?

I dunno. Did anyone out there do this and get a better result?   I hope so! Let me know down below  (and maybe share a picture or two!

Until next time…

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