Five Simple Ways to Save Money

Saving money is everyone’s goal in life. Regrettably, money has become central to life. But don’t fret, there are ways to save some money! Remember, every little bit counts.

Once I got into couponing and saving money, a lot of people ask me about my tips and tricks. So I have decided to share some of my tips in an ongoing series. Each week I aim to share what I know and what I learn with you guys.

One other little thing, there will be an announcement at the end of this post! Be on the look out for it!

Without further a due, let’s share some tips!

1. Shop once a week, or every other day. (Or aim to get all the shopping done at once.)

This is one of the most important tips you need to remember and use. Why? Well, this helps keep you within your budget.  How?  Two reasons: one, it cuts out all impulse buys that you often get when you go to the store and two, you are more mindful of what you are buying when you go once a month. You often keep an eye on the total due to it being a larger total than your daily stops.

It does take some planning. You won’t master it overnight. You have to learn how to plan meals out for a week or more out at a time. Also, you will start to notice more of what your family actually eats and what often sits in the back of the cabinets or fridge.

2. Shop with what is on sale.

Unless you only ever shop at Walmart, each week different stores have different things on sale.  This means that for one week, certain items are on sale that might me way less than Walmart.  (And I am not hating on Walmart, but if you can find a deal somewhere else, go for it!)  This has worked wonders for me.  I buy my meats when they are on sale and I try to stock up as much as I can.

Planning your meal ahead of time saves money but also, if you plan them around what is on sale that week you can save even more.  That means if chicken breasts are on sale for a $1 a pound, then plan a meal or two with chicken that week versus planning a steak dinner.  And then make sure you buy enough for later as well.

When you stack a coupon with a deal, while, just keep reading!

3. Collect coupons – lots of them.

Now, I don’t mean do go and buy a thousand Sunday papers (but that might help your local newspaper).  What I mean is buy a Sunday paper (or two) and scope out online for coupons.  Collecting coupons can take a little bit of time but once you have a few – and of what you actually use – then you should be okay.  For example, is a great place and a very popular site for coupons. Your Sunday paper is a great place for coupons (and they sometimes have coupons that you can’t find online!)

4. Match coupons to sales (and learn to stack coupons).

This is the best way to maximize your savings. If you have a 50¢ of an item and that item is on sale 10/$10, you are getting that item for only 50¢.  Not all sales are that easy to figure out.

Some places often store coupons, which differ from manufacturer coupons.  Store coupons come for that store (and are often only good at that store). Walmart will take other store coupons but does not actually have their own store coupons – but this will be explored in greater detail at a later date!

I will use Target as an example.  They have store coupons, Cartwheel and they accept manufacturer coupons. You can stack all of them together (but only one store coupon, manufacturer coupon, and cartwheel offer) per item. This maximizes your savings!

But please remember, check each store’s store policy.  Each one is different and it’s important for you to know them.

5. Buy only what you need.  (Seriously, this is important).

This is a hard one for new couponers to grasp.  It’s hard to decide which deals to follow and which ones to let pass you by (trust me, I know this one very well).  It is so very important that you buy only what you need.  If you do not have a cat, do not buy the cat treats.  Even if you can get them for dirt cheap, do not buy them.  If you find a great deal on them, share that deal with a friend (who has a cat).  Do not buy two truckloads of paper towels because you can get then from less than a dollar.  Do you have room for all of that?  I’m guessing not.

That is the second half of shopping is that you need a place to put it all.  And please do not get me wrong, it is a wonderful thing to have a stockpile but you need to keep it in check.  Remember what levels of storage you are dealing with and stock up accordingly. On top of that, until you get the hand of saving all this money, be smart and start slow.  Do don’t try to lose fifty pounds in a day, why try to only spend $10 on a $100 order?  Start small and work your way up.

Okay, those are a few ways to save some money.  At least, they are ones that worked for me.  I hope you enjoyed this post – oh wait!  I promised you a surprise!   Okay, it’s just a simple small announcement.

I am going to post every Wednesday what is on sale (or a great buy) for central Nebraska! My goal is to share what I find a great deal.  There will be only a few stores at first but my goal is to cover more stores!  So be on the look out!  This should be happened next week! (And for my non-Nebraska folk, there might be a few that can be found anywhere, so I’ll keep you guys posted as well!)  I haven’t worked out all the details so the first few posts might be a little rough but I think you guys will enjoy it!  🙂

Until next time …

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