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Goal Statement

Someone once told me that if you write your goal down, it becomes more ‘real’.  I have tried this one before but failed horribly at it.  I was in the middle of nursing school and was trying to hold down a full time job, a new husband, and a new house.  So here I am trying this, and this time, I will get this achieved!  I will get this done, so here is my goal statement.  I will share more about me later!

My goal is to become a published author.  The first step of this process is to complete the first draft of my current “Untitled Project” by October 31, 2013.  I will take the month of November off from this project and I will partake in NANOWRIMO.  Then, my January 31, 2014, I will aim to have my second draft completed.  At this point I am going to reach out to some of my trusted friends to read my manuscript for grammar and plot problems. Hopefully, with their input, I will be able to begin my third draft and have that draft completed by the end of April 2014.  One last proofreading (possibly by a professional) will hopefully be completed by the end of May 2014.  Once I have a polished and ‘finished’ manuscript, I will start to send it out to different publishing houses (to where and how many different publishes will require research).  By the end of December 31, 2014, if my novel is not picked up or rejected by all the publishers, at this time I will look into self-publishing (which will be reached during the waiting period).  Hopefully (pending saving and more research) I will have my novel published by June 2015.

            As I am working on the project, I am going to start and maintain a blog about my journey through this, working on a project, updates about my project, my thoughts and daily life.  It will be the beginning for my platform.  

I hope you enjoy the ride.  🙂

Leave me your thoughts - I would love to hear them!

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