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Goals Goals Goals

This will be one of a few posts I put up today. So you have been warned.
Its the last day of 2013. So there will be a lot announcements about people wanting to better themselves and that this year will be the year for people to improve themselves or do what they always wanted or make other self-oriented goals. I will admit, I will be on that bandwagon but not for the same reasons as other people.
I am a strong believer in writing things down. It creates a connection and – indirectly – puts it in stone. And when I say it, I mean anything you write down. Your brain remembers things better when more than just one process is involved.  When you write down your goals, you remember what words you wrote but you also remember the actual action of writing down those words down. Also, another benefit of writing your goal down is it makes it more real. It makes it more concrete. The left side of your brain will love this. It is now given structure and a deadline. The right brain may not be completely happy but it now has something to create. For me, I tent to write my goals down and then post them (to a blog or to a social media site).  It’s not for the attention but it to remind myself that once I post it, others will have seen it and in the back of my mind that makes me have to follow through with it.  Even though no one may have read it, it is out to the world and makes me feel that I achieve what I wrote.  Not everyone does this, but for me, it helps.
Keep in mind that when you go to write down your goal, there are a few things that you need to remember.  First off, make sure your goals are reasonable.  Make sure that the goal you want to achieve is something that is important to you.  Just as important, be specific.  Do not just put ‘run a mile’.  It’s too broad and almost sets you up for failure.  On top of that, know your limitations.  Do not put down “go skydiving” when you are scared of looking out a second story window. Be logical. If sometime in the future you want to skydive but you really can’t bring yourself to even look out a second story window maybe that will be your goal.  Maybe you will be able to look that window and maybe you will look out the third story window as well.  That brings me to my next point, you have to set (a realistic) deadline.  This will be when you want to get this done.  Again, be reasonable and understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day.
I could go on and on about goal writing but I will leave you with these little guidelines.

So, now that I have shared these few steps with you, I will post my year goals using the advice I just shared with you. Enjoy and stay tuned!  🙂 

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