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Got time?

               So a lot of things have changed since my last post that was just a few days ago.  It is just crazy how fast things can flip around.  I am amazed that I didn’t get whiplash.  It is a very strange thing, and for people who know me, I am very strange.  I feel like I am on the edge of a mental breakdown but I can’t be weak and give up.  I need to push through this.  This is not me; I don’t like giving up.  I pushed through nursing school and mastered it; I can do the same thing here.  I am trying to do a balancing act with my life.  It is currently between my husband having a job, me having a second job and the rest of how I want to spend my time. My husband is currently on a tightrope about having a job or not.  Either way he falls leads to disaster or if he makes it through this, he will be unhappy and shit rolls downhill fast. I am trying to balance a second job but it is failing horribly because when I go to do this second job; no one knew anything about it.  It made me feel like a jackass.  It was pretty bad.  On top of all that is a balancing act about what to do with the time I have left over between my writing and spending time with my family.  I can do this.  I can do anything, I survived nursing school.

            My husband got in an accident at his current place of employment just before Labor Day.  So right now, he is suspended, but be truthful, this isn’t the first time.  It is a bit of a problem but like the times before that, we will just have to deal with and make it though it. It just feels like a slap in the face.  I don’t tend to let a lot of people in on whatever I am working on and once I do, I feel like that life takes the ground from under my feet and lets me fall into this pit of nothingness.  It hurts but I am going to have to use this pain to push me forward.  I just have to remember to use the pain to help me, not hurt me.  This is just a small roadblock and I will kick its ass.
Okay, end of the personal rant.  Let’s get to something with a little ‘matter’.
           I have read a lot of books.  Anything with words in it, I have read it.  I have read all sort of fiction novels, a lot of textbooks, and a lot of books about writing.  (Also, I have read a lot of magazines about writing but that is another topic for another day.)  One of the major things that people say about writing is it is just about sitting down and getting words down on paper or on the screen.  Many of those people say that you have to get passed that interior editor that pretty much everyone has.  For me, writing has about two big problems.  The first is the one I just spoke about.  The second one is time.  It is really a hard to find time to get those words on the paper or on the screen.  Not everyone is a full time writer and for the ones that have to still hold down a full time job to pay the bills. It’s even harder to find time to just write. Time is so important and so many people seem to forget about it.  People worry about their jobs or their money.  Something that I learned from a cousin of mine is that a person can make more money, just not more time.  Time never ‘refills’ itself.   It is something important to keep in mind.

           For me, it came down to what was more important for me and ‘my time’.  I cut out most of the excess TV time.  I cut out a huge chunk of my video game play time.  For school, I have decided to take this semester off (since I have been a full time student since fall 2010)  I have to maintain about 35 hours a week at work to be able to float by.  (I am really hoping that my husband and his job stuff work out so I don’t have to pick more hours or another part-time job.) But I have added a few things for me to do. I have added a little more time to get more reading done.  Plus I am going to be working up to be adding about two hours a day for just writing (for both my current project, my ‘ideas’ and my blog).

That’s right, I have added this lovely blog which will serve more than just one purpose. It will keep me committed to what I have ‘announced’.  Also, it will give me a place to voice my opinions about stuff and maybe give advice about stuff that I found to work.  And at one point, I will edit some of my old school papers and post it here and share them with the world.  *cue the evil laughter*  Okay, so back to reality.  So enjoy.  Until next time.  Have fun!  

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