Interview with Tracey Clark.

One of my new series I wanted to start on my blog is interviewing other bloggers and writers and to show case their work and their blogs.

This week’s interviewee is Tracey Clark.

Tracey Clark – Picture from her blog

She is a writer, blogger and soon to be published author (her book is to come out on October 26 this month.  You can find it here) I hope you guys enjoy her quirkiness and see how awesome she is!

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  • Who are you in five words? And where are you located?

—hmmm…1. & 2.  artistic author… I love all art, and am willing to try it all… painting in oils, singing, working with yarn, etc… but my favorite is to write or read… sadly, my two left feet and I have to agree that dancing will always be a spectator sport…

4. pug lover… really I love all animals but pugs are my favorite… in fact, I have had many over the years… they keep me sane and keep me going when life gets hard… horses come in as a very close second…
5 nerd… yep, I wear that title with pride…I love most things that others look at nerdy… all things Sci-Fi/paranormal; especially conventions, movies, books… and I love numbers and words equally… before I got diagnosed and hit hard with MS (multiple sclerosis) I was on my way to becoming a mathematics major in college… my words saved me

soooo…. artistic pug loving, nerdy author

  • What is your title in life?  What do you call yourself? (Like wife, mother, cook, racer, reader, writer, crazy person, etc.)

–author/or daughter… both are very important to me… my mother is my rock and my words create my babies

  • What are your biggest influences in life and writing?

–nature, animals & the world of man… I take in the beauty and the evils to be found and use them… either to become a better person, or to bend into my paranormal romances

  • What is your writing ritual?

–I procrastinate, I tweet, I check my other sites… then I buckle down and become lost in a world of my own making… first I create a story board, or the roughest of rough draft… a few words here and there to see where the story will take me.. then I write the actual rough draft and usually change more than half of it.. lol

  • Where did the inspiration Shocking Finds come from?

–I’m not sure I can point to just one thing that inspired me to write Shocking Finds, I wanted to create something that I would enjoy reading .. I can’t believe the number of people already pre-ordering my baby

  • What little bits of yourself are in Marin?

— lol… for the most part, Marin is my complete opposite… I’m tall with brown hair that sports the occasional red highlights… and I absolutely detest coffee… if there is a bit of me in Marin it is her need to stand up for the little gut, and her loss of temper when she witnesses an injustice

  • What is next for the Finders Keepers series?  Are you working on any other projects for the future?

–I actually have five very rough draft waiting for me to give them my attention… two of which are apart of the Finder’s Keepers series, two that will become two different series within there own right but loosely related to Finder’s Keepers (but there won’t take front and center until after the third Finder’s Keepers novel, at the very least)… and the last is actually a contemporary romance… and that is all beside the large number of shorts I have floating around.. some of which will become freebies on my blog or maybe my book site

  • What is the time frame of writing for Shocking Finds? (Like how long did the writing, editing and all that jazz take?)

–that’s hard to answer… I wanted to be ready for any setbacks due to my health… my MS pretty much stable at this time, but is a disease that can take you by surprise… I spent five years getting rough drafts and short stories written down… I have spent the last year editing and re-editing while I looked for someone to take interest in my novel… Mary Smith from Gone Writing Publishing [you can find Gone Writing Publishing blog here and follow them on Twitter] picked me up last month.. since then things have been flying

  • Do you have any advice for other writers out there?

— have fun.. if you don’t enjoy your words, chances are that others won’t either… and find a writing group (inline or in person) to brainstorm and inspire… especially in the beginning… and NaNoWriMo is excellent, give it a try

  • Would you like to add anything else?  Anything else you LOVE to do other than write?

–yep… I suggest finding a hobby, something for down time when the Writer’s depression hits.. it is real, and can hit before you know it.. a lot of us feel it after the high of finishing a project

Tracey can be found on the following social media sites.  Give her some love!

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