Introducing Me!

Hello all, for all the new followers I am Steph!  I am a fiery redhead with a strong love of words, chocolate, my daughter, my husband and more chocolate!  I hope you enjoy your stay!

I am a full time hopeful writer and a full time stay at home mom.  I have been writing since eighth grade and I have been blogging off on since I was in high school.  I have finally decided to give this my full attention (well not full attention, I need to shower and go to the bathroom once in a while!)

I am here because I feel the need to share the way I handle writing and being a full time mom.  I wish to share what I go through with the world!  A lot of SAHM’s (and SAHD’s) get a lot of grief for ‘staying home and doing nothing.’  I am a stay at home mom with a husband that works at lot during the week and it’s hard just to handle things around the house with a very active almost one year old tiny terror!  I’m not saying working parent’s have it any easier (far from it) but I feel like there is a void when it comes to writing and being a SAHP.  So I hope to create a bridge to the two.  Want to join me?

A few topics I hope you cover with this blog are: writing, motherhood, staying at home parenting; writing advice; NaNoWriMo stuff, DIY stuff and projects with the little ones, my current projects and I hope to add interviews with other people within the writing, publishing and parenthood communities!  (If being interviewed is something you are interested in doing – and you love to write, are writing, a published author, a parent or you fit in more than one, contact me through one of these channels)

Other all, I just love to help others, if it’s with writing, dealing with problems or just being an ear to vent to (or an outlet to express yourself) and I hope that this blog will help you!  I also love to connect with other writers!  So go ahead, let’s be friends! 😀

For the moment, I think that is all.  I hope you enjoy what you see!  I hope to here from you soon!

Until next time!


  1. bohemianbabushka

    Bienvenida, Welcome to Blogging!! Fun and 24/7- kinda like parenting, so you’ll fit right in. As a Grandma to 5, mom of 3, BB says to you Enjoy it, and the same for blogging. Find YOUR way, your style, that’s how to find YOUR happiness. That, and with LOTS of chocolate. ; ) BB2U

    1. Steph Wenburg

      That is fine. 😀 I appreciate it! I will working on that and I will let you know when it’s up! 🙂

      1. hopecollishaw

        cool! You can start tomorrow, aha don’t worry about putting up a quote today lol. 🙂

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