It’s getting good…

So, things are looking up.  It’s such an exciting time!  So, I will just get to some of the major good points!

I hit 700 page views!  It’s exciting!  I logged last night and saw it was at 700, I love even numbers.  It is so exciting.  Seven page-views in about a month!  That is pretty good, I think!  So maybe you can share my blog with your friends and I can hit 800 by the end of the month?  Or sign up for email notifications? It’s off to the right, right under the blog archive.  Go ahead!  You know you want to! 
Also, if you have looked over to your right I have passed my halfway point on my word count goal!  That is really exciting!  No, really, check it out!  And I’m almost half way down with my first draft!  I’m excited!  
AND NANOWRIMO STARTS IN LIKE TWENTY-TWO DAYS!  Am I the only one around here all really excited about that?  That reminds me that I have to work on plotting that out a little bit.  Well, I am home alone tonight, so maybe that will be what I will do tonight!  So yeah, at least stuff with my writing projects are looking up!  Have a good night!  

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