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Late night ideas

I am talking about those late night ideas that keep you up at night.  Those ideas that drive you crazy to the point where your brain won’t shut off and your mind just keeps screaming ‘WRITE THIS DOWN’.  I am in the middle one of those episodes right now.  It’s kinda crazy but it is so nice just to focus on my writing.  There is just something about night time writing that is just so peaceful.  I think it’s because everyone is asleep and all I can hear is my own thoughts.  And especially after the day I had today, it’s nice to just get some writing done. Just to foucs on me (and my characters). Even through I have work in the morning, it’s just nice to write.  I do need to sleep but for right now, the sound of the keys on my keyboard being pressed is music to my ears.  It is quite nice.  Well, enjoy! 

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