As the rest of the world adjusts the new normal of quarantine and handwashing (even through hand washing should have already been the norm), I am adjusting to the new normal, but I am also changing things! Outside of the quarantine, we are moving! This has been in the cards for a little while; this is the month that everything is happening. Instead of just settling with the new normal of the world right now, we are one-upping the chaos and moving as well!

The move is going to be great, but it will be a lot of work! We are moving into my in-law’s house. Their house will be paid off in April! But they have decided that the combination of their age and medical conditions, that keeping the house up isn’t something they can do anymore. Instead of selling their home or hiring someone to take care of the house, they are putting their son, my husband, in charge of living and handing the house. I will be second in command because I have zero skill with being a handy-woman.

Their house is much bigger than the house we currently live in. The girls will have a bedroom with room for all their toys and bunk beds; a large fenced in backyard; and most of all, just more elbow room to be little girls!

With this new change, we will be very busy, moving, packing, unpacking and adjusting. Most of our time will be tied up with the move. We will be hard to get a hold of, I imagine. Moving out of one place and into another place is time consuming.

If you have a keen eye, you may have noticed, the blog and website have changed as well!

I hope you well in quarantine. If you need more entertainment, please, visit the rest of my site. I am changing things up and adding lots of more reading things! If you think I need to add something or I’m missing anything, comment below! Also, reach out to me on social media! I am always looking for new friends!

With all of this change and moving, I will be a bit tied up away from the computer. Once we are all settled in, and the world returns to a familiar normal, I will be adding more bookkeeping and writing projects to my table. And if you need help now, please contact me. Until we meet again,



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