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My Ideal Audience Member

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is to describe who your ideal audience is.  I’m game. This will stretch me a little bit since I have never fully thought about who my ideal audience would be.  I just always dreamed of having an audience.  🙂

Well, let me start of with what I would love (and really want) in my audience:

  1. A writer – this may seem a little obvious, but this doesn’t quite mean the same as published (look bellow).  I call myself a writer since I write everyday and I view it as my career.  I would love if someone like me is in my audience right now!
  2. A friend – Now this is a little broad but I would love if I have a friend in my audience.  This is someone who can just giggle at myself and chit chat about chocolate.  I love int especially if this friend is from a different walk of life. Image all the things we could learn about each other!
  3. A parent – Since I am a stay at home mom 95% of the time, I have trouble connecting with other parents. We are all trying to balance out work and home. I would love if someone in the audience is struggling with this and would like to share tips! 🙂
  4. Someone in the same boat – I don’t mean literally in the same boat but one very similar.  Like I have said before, I am a stay at home mom to an almost one year old little girl (she will be one in 15 days!). My husband works long hours daily and works six days a week.  I am a writer, creative thinker and all around quirky person. If I could find someone else trying to keep track of similar monkeys, that would be great! 😀
  5. A redhead – Now, yes, I am a redhead and I have met a few other reds out in the world but most of them are on different paths.  I am a writer – I have met reds in the military (thank you!), cooks, musicians, business owners and others. Not many of them writers or stay at home parents (which is fine – can you image if we all were writers or stay at home parents!)  So having another redhead out there checking my stuff out would be awesome! 🙂
  6. CHOCOLATE LOVER – So, if you haven’t figured out, I love myself some chocolate.  There is nothing better.  I will eat almost anything with chocolate (but strawberries – I’m deathly allergic!) Mhm, chocolate. 🙂

Now, the second half of this assignment is to list a new to me element to my target audience member… But you know me, I can’t just have one.  😀

  1. I would love if there was someone in my audience was either, published, newly published or about to be published. It’s not for the reason that just popped into your head either.  Even through it would be nice for them to get me published, that is not what I am after (from them!).  It would be great for them to see my story and how I did all this.  There are no two paths to publication and I KNOW that their path will different than mine!  I would love to share information from them and from my own journey with others!
  2. Also, I would love if there was someone out there who has a successful blog & community out there.  And I don’t mean multi million dollar blogs or anything like that. I would love if someone from a successful blog was watching my blog grow and reach the masses.  That would be awesome! Image all that information that person already has and might be willing to share! 🙂

Well, I think that is all.  Do you fit the bill?  Do you know someone who does?  Why don’t you share this with them?  That would be great for everyone?  Now excuse me while I got stuff my face with some chocolate…

Until next time…


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