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This post is supposed to be my own take on a blog post. I am struggling with this. I mean, isn’t any all blog post a personal take on things? So what am I supposed to talk about?

I could talk about my daughter and how her birthday is coming up, but I don’t want to expose her in depth to a world that may or may not be ready for her. And I don’t know if she would want to be out in the world just yet. I don’t want to force her into anything she’s not ready for, ever! I want her to decide what she wants in life. But I am going to instill manners, respect and other important things in her. My goal is not to force her to become a Barbie if she wants to be a G.I. Joe. But that is a work in progress! She will be a year this Friday (9/25)! Time has gone by so fast. I barely believe it. But enough about her. Let’s find something else to talk about. (Not that I don’t want to talk about her, but I could do like a 500 page report on her and I think I will wait until she is old to do something like that!)

I could talk about me, but I would rather not. I come from a sad beginning and I would rather move away from that. I really hate to think any child went through what I went through so I try to think of the future! That is where the possibility of change is located! So that what I aim to look at! So, maybe that will be what I talk about?

I have posted a lot about goals throughout this blog. (Here are a few of those posts here, here and here to list a few). I am a strong believer of writing down your goals. When it comes to sharing I am still on the fence. I have read studies that have stated that sharing your goals with other increase your chances of actually achieving your goals. But I have read a few recent studies about sharing your goals with others and they have found the opposite. If you share your goal, the researchers have found that people are less likely to achieve your goals. Here are a few different articles about goal sharing: 5 good reasons to share your goals and one powerful reason not to; When telling others about your goals compromises them; 10 things you should know about goals; WHY SHARING YOUR PROGRESS MAKES YOU MORE LIKELY TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS As you can tell, I choose four different articles from four different place. What is your take on sharing your goals?

I will admit, I share some of my goals but now all of them. I feel like I will keep a few private and share others. And it depends on what I am feeling at that time in my life which ones I share. I know that it’s odd, but I promise to go into more detail about some of this stuff at a later date. For the moment I will leave this taste in your mouth and see what you guys comment! J And I will talk more about goals since I am really into goals and working on achieving them!

Well, that’s my personal blog post, what do you guys think? Is this a personal take on a blog post or did I wind up over in left field? You could say goals are a personal thing but did I get personal enough? Tell me what you think!

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  • Dede

    I think you did well. As a mother know that the days go by slowly but the years fly by. I encouraged my girls to follow their dreams only to be told that is why they don’t have financially successful careers. They told me I should have grounded them more. So lesson #1 of motherhood, you won’t do it perfectly but your children will survive despite the mistakes and go on to shine in their own lives.

  • Karuna

    I believe that if we make our commitments known to others we will be more likely to keep them. For example if I commit to myself that I won’t eat chocolate, I’m likely to break it the minute there is an opportunity to eat chocolate. However, if I let others know I have made a commitment to not eat chocolate I am more likely to do it. That is why I wrote a post today about committing to participate in a 70 day wellness challenge!

    • Steph Wenburg

      See, I agree with that train of thought as well, but I can see once you telling people your goals will set you up for failure. Especially if they don’t think you will be able to do it (like publish a book!). I see both sides but I one to share my goals with others. You don’t know if you just saying that goal will help someone else with theirs! πŸ™‚

      • Karuna

        I wouldn’t tell people who I didn’t think would support me in doing what is in my best interests. I would tell people that will help me stay on on track so that I am less likely to fail! And I don’t make commitments that public unless I am very committed to doing what I am saying I will do.

        For example I would not say I won’t eat any chocolate because I know good and well I wouldn’t keep that commitment.

  • Juli Hoffman

    Make goals, but be flexible. Perfectionism makes you feel like a failure when you don’t do everything “just right.” Perfectionism is NOT your friend. Trust me on this. πŸ˜‰ Think of your goals as a framework, not as a set of rules. You can make goals, but you won’t know if they’ll work with your life until you try them on for size. They’re like shoes. They may feel great in the store, but you wear them around all day and you find out that they pinch your toes or give you blisters on your heals. Do you beat yourself up over an ill-fitting pair of shoes? I hope not! πŸ™‚ No. They didn’t fit. It’s nobody’s fault. Do you give up wearing shoes? That’s not practical either. You just try on new shoes until you find ones that work for you. And even if you find a GREAT pair of shoes, you can’t wear them FOREVER. Eventually, they’ll need to be replaced, and that’s OK. Same things with goals.

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