Short and sweet and scared

So I haven’t updated this for over two weeks.  It is really bad and I am sorry.  But I got a sudden fear for doing anything with any of my writing.  It sounds kinda odd but I would sit at the computer and have my fingers on the keyboard but all I got was a racing heart.  My mind was telling me that I should be anywhere but at the computer.  It was tough but I finally broke through it.  It took time but I feel like I am in a better place now.  I have gotten more writing done.  I have to start plotting for myNaNoWriMo project, soon.  So the up coming months I am going to be a little busy.  I will still be adding some of my older works here and there.  I promise that they shouldn’t be too long.  Anyway, I’m in a writing frenzy in my head, so I am off to continue to write.  Enjoy!

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