So I’m thankful for…

So I decided to jump on this days of being thankful band wagon. And yes I stole this from facebook!  But I am going to let everyone else know about this.  And I think it’s nice to say thanks.  I’m five days late (:O) but let me catch up really quick!
Day 1 : I am grateful for my past because I wouldn’t be who I am without it!
Day 2 : I am grateful for being to think on my own
Day 3 : I am thankful for my creative eyes and soul … I don’t know where I wold be without that.
Day 4 : I am thankful for having Deadeye McPickles as my brother. He can be an ass but he is the most level headed dude I know. Thanks for keeping me grounded!
Day 5 : I am thankful for my husband, Ethan Wenburg. Even through you can drive me bat shit crazy, I wouldn’t want anyone else to drive me that crazy! And thanks for dealing with my craziness!
Watch out, there will be 26 more days of this…  So each day there will be a little blurb about what I’m thankful for!  So keep an eye out!

And keep an eye out on my NaNoWriMo meters!  It’s going pretty well so far!  Till next time! 

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