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I was nominated by Tracey to answer these ten questions! How did she know I love top ten questions?
After these ten questions, i have to make my own ten question and then nominate other bloggers! So be on the look out world!
Now without further ado…
1.  What is your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure? No be honest, I really don’t have one that is horrible. I just like to eat chocolate… so if you leave it out, i will eat it… so watch out!  Other than that, there isn’t really anything i do that makes me feel guilty…  Well… there is some music….  I’ll take about that later. 😀
2.   When you go to the movies, do you go for action, comedy, drama… and why?
To be honest, I really don’t go to the movies very often.  Between the money spent and the fact other people are there, I really just don’t enjoy it.  I am a person who likes to take the whole movie in.  I like to rewind and re-watch what just happened so I can understand what happened and try to guess what might happen next!  An on top of that, I HATE wasting money on a horrible movie.  But if I do go, nine times out of ten it’s a comedy, that’s the movie my husband and I go see. It’s a safer bet.  🙂
3.  If you are an author… What would you like to say about your upcoming novel?  Well, since I am still on my first draft, I will tell you this: it’s a sci-fi with a redhead as a lead.  Why?  Because we need more redheads as leads and not the villains (but not all villains are bad!)  On top of that, we need more female leads (in all genres) that aren’t waiting for a man to save her…  Wait, I was talking about my book, okay, sorry.  It’s a sci-fi space opera.  There’s a conspiracy but it’s space, what do you do when you are all alone?  Who do you trust? Leading officers, best friends, people you grew up with?  Hmmm…  You will just have to wait to see!  I did post a very rough sample of what I was writing here.
3a. If you are an avid reader … What book has you bouncing from foot to foot, as you wait for its release?
GAH!  There are quite a bit to be excited…  but there is just too many to list!   But there is one…
4.  What type of accent do you have, what type do you love to hear, and what type would you like to have if you could change your own???
Since I was born and raised in New England, I often forget to pronounce my ‘r’s but most of the time, I really don’t have an accent.  I love the English accent and I love just listening to them speak but over all I really like them all. I don’t think I would change my own.
5.  Where is your favorite past vacation spot, and where would you like to go before you die?
To be honest, I even really have been ‘on vacation.’  We either can’t afford it or just don’t have the time.  But I love the beach and I miss it so much right now.  (I’m in the middle of Nebraska at the moment.)
6.  No matter if you are an author or not, what advice would you give to your favorite author?
7.  If you could make everyone in the world answer one question, no holds bar and unfailingly honestly…. what would it be?
I really don’t know.  Maybe if they wanted to be beta readers or if they even liked what I wrote.  EEEKKKK!  I don’t know if I want the know the answer to that last question!  :O
8.  What is your spirit animal?
I have no clue.  But this might help…  squirrel
9. Do you do anything similar (and guys, we will call it a man-purse, or just always available in your truck 😛 ) And do you have a favorite pen?  Nine times out of ten, yes, I always have pens and paper with me.  You never know when an idea will hit you upside the back of the head and beat you down until you jot it down.  I also try to keep my cell phone handy to take down the idea too.  But with a young child at home, I try not to be glued to my phone.  🙂 Here is what is often in my bag…
10.  And last but not least, describe your craziest life experience.
Oh man, there are so many..  My whole life is a crazy experience.  I grew up with crazy.  I think hands down, there was one that just was crazier than the rest.  My mother has hated me my whole life (I spent most of my time with my grandparents [which is another can of worms].)  There was one time I had come home from school and the door was locked.  It wasn’t terribly abnormal, but I could hear my mother was home so I shouted for her open up and let me in.  She then faked an accent and said that no one was house and I had the wrong house. I just shook my head and pulled out my house key.  I unlocked the door and walked in.  My mother looks at me dead in the face and said “Aww fuck, I hope you had died or something.”  Any normal eight might have cried but for me it was kinda nice for my mother to wish me a quick death.  I know, I’m odd, I come from an odd family and you will just have to deal with it!
Okay, so now that I have answered those ten questions, now I need to make up my own ten questions!  So here they are!
  1. What is you favorite thing in the world?  That one thing you can not live without?
  2. Do you like books you can hold or ebooks?
  3. Do you have a library card?  If so, why not?
  4. Do you participate in NaNoWriMo?  If so, do you want to be friends?  If not, WHY NOT?
  5. What is your favorite color pair?
  6. Do you sing in the shower?
  7. What do you look for in blogs? What is your favorite blog?  Do you care to share it?
  8. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  9. DO you like to join an online writing group?  Are you already part of one?  Share it with me! 😀
  10. What Inspires You?
Now… I will be sending these questions out to…
  1. Tracey!
  2. B.P. Crouse
  3. Jean’s Writing
  4. Carol (Writeful Mind)
  5. Peggy (A Kind Of Single Lady)
  6. Dana (Nerdy Girl On A Mission)
  8. miss ky
  9. Emily (Adventures in Writing)
  10. YOU!  The one that is reading this!  Answer these questions and then let me know about it!  🙂

Okay, so that seems to be it for this blog post.  I have a lot going on! I had signed up for Writing 101 and Blogging 101.  So you might see a blog post daily (or even more than one a day!  [kinda like today!].)

Until next time…


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