Halloween Love

For those who might not know, I love Halloween!  I know, it’s totally a ‘white girl thing’ but I just love Halloween! 🙂 So, I … “Halloween Love”

Liebster blog award Part two

Hello!  So this is two days late!  My husband had a rare day off and we decided to do a lot of house cleaning! Oh, … “Liebster blog award Part two”

Liebster Blog Award part one

I was nominated twice today with in hours of each other…  I must be so popular!  😛 The first time I was nominated by Francesca from this post. … “Liebster Blog Award part one”

Family Matters

So I has based this post off a conversation I have with tlizzy on her post DAY 9: BLOGGING 101; GET INSPIRED BY THE NEIGHBOURS. As a few … “Family Matters”

Three goals…

Everyone has goals – no two people have the same goals. On top of that, no one has just three goals. I mean, I don’t. … “Three goals…”

Steph’s writing corner.

Today’s Writing 101 assignment is all about where the magic happens – in other words, where the writing happens! I love sharing about my writing … “Steph’s writing corner.”

The Reason I Write

Writing is a very personal thing.  No two writers write for the same reason.  My reasons are different from the writer in the next blog … “The Reason I Write”

Introducing Me!

Hello all, for all the new followers I am Steph!  I am a fiery redhead with a strong love of words, chocolate, my daughter, my … “Introducing Me!”


SUNSHINE BLOGGING AWARD CHALLENGE I was nominated by Tracey to answer these ten questions! How did she know I love top ten questions? After these … “SUNSHINE BLOGGING AWARD CHALLENGE”

Please don’t come to my house…

My house isn’t horrible but it’s not spotless either.  It’s NO WHERE near a level of a hordes house (I grew up in one when … “Please don’t come to my house…”