Tunnel Vision

We were asked to pick a social media site to focus on and then create a game plan on how to increase traffic to our blog from there.

I know several people who picked Facebook and Twitter for their social media site to focus on.   I thought about choosing one of those, but then it occurred to me, why?  Why would I do that when there are others out there that might work out better?

By now, you are wondering, which one did you pick?  I choose Google+.

Why?  Because, I wanna! Okay, but really there are a few great reasons to use Google+.

  • Space isn’t temporary or limited to 140 characters.  As a writer, I struggle with only writing 140 characters!  (But it does help with really focusing on which words used and getting the meaning across with only a few words!)  But I am a lover of words I hate not being able to use all the words I want causes me an internal struggle.
  • It is immediately indexed by Google. This is a bit of a now brainier.  In a world where so many people are struggling to get attention from others, it helps to get indexed by one of the giants without a lot of effort.  It helps save time while you are focused on other things.  🙂
  • No more friend request fatigue! Can I get an amen?  Add follow back fatigue to that list as well!  It’s so frustrating when you have people begging for follows, likes or requests and then they get mad if you don’t follow or you unfollow.  This is when major reason why I like the circle idea!  🙂   Go ahead, check it out!
  • HANGOUTS!  Okay, for me this is a big one.  For a few of you out there, you know that I want to create a writing group and host virtual write ins in the near future! So, for me, Google Hangout are a great idea.  If you already have a Google login (who doesn’t?) you can join in or you don’t need a Google login to watch.  (I’m still learning all about Hangouts!) On top of that, the hangout then becomes a YouTube video.  What is not to love?
  • It’s a popular social media site!  Backed by Google, what’s not to love?

So, I have decided to take a three step process to increase my presence on Google+.

  1. I need to share my post on the site – seems pretty straight forward but some how my settings where set for only me to see things!
  2. I need to share with some communities on Google+ – there are so many communities out there!  I think I really could find and connect with others  in the communities, I just need to interact with them!
  3. I need to engage more on there.  It’s a staple.  To get love, you need to share some love!  🙂

Alright, what do you guys think?   Do you think Google+ is the way to go?  If you have a profile, connect with me here.

Until next time…

Three goals…

Everyone has goals – no two people have the same goals. On top of that, no one has just three goals. I mean, I don’t. I have goals for thins blog, my career goals, writing goals, family goals and other goals. I really struggled with just listing three goals. But I did and I listed a few steps that I plan on taking to achieve these goals. So, without more blabbing, here they are à

  • One – I want to become a published author within a year time. But, I know that isn’t just going to happen so I am going to get the ball rolling and get as close as possible than I am now! The first thing I need to do is actually getting the words written EVERYDAY. You can’t have a book without first writing the words down first. It’s important that I learn all about the joys of self-editing (and looking for beta readers and editors!). After that I must learn all the ins and outs of querying. This doesn’t mean I start while I finish writing; matter of fact, I am slowing starting to learn about the topics I spoke about, but they are not front and center. My writing is. Also, I really want to get my eBook written and share it with the masses! But that is another goal for another day. 😀
  • Two – I want to create amazing content for my followers (I will take more about my followers in a few!) I want to create a resource for beginning writers who might me scared to take the first step. I want to achieve this in three ways.
    • I want to create a weekly series of interviewing other writers and blogger on how they started and how they handle balancing life and the call to write! I am hoping to get this started by the end of the month!
    • I am going to do a weekly wrap up of what I have done and then a monthly wrap up. In the monthly wrap up post I am going to outline what my goals are for the next month and what to look for as well.
    • Another series I would love to create is one all about writing tips and how to make money with your skills of writing! This I haven’t fully fleshed out but I am hoping by the beginning of next year to have this up and read for my followers!
    • Also, I have a few other ideas that I am thinking about adding are, virtual write-ins, video interviews, and a writing forum.
  • Three – I would LOVE to increase the number of followers. I want a strong sense of community for my followers. I know it will not happen overnight and I will need the help from my followers! But I am hoping to get close to 100 followers by the end of December. I am going to keep creating amazing content about writing and how to balance life and I am going to strongly follow the 80/20 rule (80% interacting and socialized and 20% self-promotion!)

Well, what do you think? Do you think I can achieve these? I have most of these written down in my goal notebook and greater detail but I didn’t want to bore you guys with all the details!

Tell me what you guys think!

Until next time…