When Life Throws You Lemons Change the Recipe

You have two option (well maybe three); you either learn to make lemonade, or you cry.  (the third option, you make lemonade and add some vodka).  Either way you look at it, life changes and you need to learn how to deal.

Life comes at you fast, I mean really fast.  There is very little time to stop and smell the roses sometimes. Things that you really want to do get put on the back burner while things that aren’t as important to your soul are suddenly front in center.  It is difficult to find balance and often you feel like you have failed at life.  The one golden rule in life seems to be, it never stops moving. And now that I have to small children (who aren’t staying small for long) it is becoming more and more apparent that this rule is true.

It has been over a year ago that I promised to keep up with this blog and create amazing content that was going to blow your mind.  Then life got in the way.  And I mean in the way.  At the same time, I decided to go back to school (for accounting) while being a full-time parent.  This was not a good mix due to how much time school and children take of your day.  I got overwhelmed and I struggled to little to the little voice inside that begged to write.  I ignored her and pushed through with what the outside wanted me to do.

Life Changes:

Currently, I am still in school.  I have discovered that I really like accounting and taxes.  Both of them are like trying to put a puzzle together.  And due to the fact I have small children, I need to have a day job (ish).  That is until my writing starts to make us million (I can dream okay!)  The plan is to finish school in December 2018.  I still have a lot to do, but I am going to finish it. The main purpose of finishing school, I need to show my girls that with hard work, anything is possible and sometimes, giving up is not an option.

When it comes to my blog, my main goal is to have a new post once a week.  I am refocusing the topic of the blog about balancing life with writing. Or you can say, school and children; or blogging with sanity; children and writing; you know, the basics.

On top of the changes with college and the blog, I have also decided to take on the world of freelancing.  I’ve started with UpWorks.  If you need me, here is my profile.  If you need anything, hit me up there or email me at info@stephwenburg.com Presently, I am focusing on writing and basic bookkeeping.  Furthermore, during tax season, I will still be working as a tax associate and will be preparing taxes.

On the writing front, I have to start slow.  I am still active with NaNoWriMo (which I will be keeping you guys up to date on all the happening; so stay tuned for changes and updates.  Apart from NaNoWriMo, I am currently trying to get an ebook underway.  Since it’s in the very beginning stages, I won’t say much now, but once things have started to progress, I will be sharing tons of information about it!

Not so changed:

A few things haven’t changed.  One big non-change is that I am still a redhead.  Another non-change, I’m still married and I still have two children.  The children have changed due to the fact they are getting older.  Now I have a three-year-old and a one-year-old.  I’ve also gotten older but I don’t want to talk about it!

The main take away from this is, even if its slow, progress is still progress, life changes, so learn a new recipe and when there is a will, there is a way.   Oh, and I’m back, so enjoy!

Until next time…

fall leaves on a bench

Fall is here…

Fall is here. It is one of my favorite time of year. Things get back to a normal routine and normal patterns return. The leaves start to turn colors and it shows that there can be beauty in death. Anyway….

Fall has come back around and for some reason, this year it feels much more amazing. Why might you ask? Well, let’s write a list. (I just love lists!)

  • First off, it’s not ungodly hot and I do not feel like I am going to melt. Even in my air conditioned house, it still was hot as hell out there this summer!  Also, bugs go back to hell, where they belong!
  • Second, my baby is going to be two years old this Sunday! Where the hell did the time go?
  • Third, my other baby (I had another one in June) is three months old and nursing is going very well with her!
  • Fourth, postpartum depression hasn’t hit me yet with my second one like it did with my first one!
  • Fifth, I enrolled back into school. I’m going for my associate’s degree in business with a focus in accounting. So far in both my classes I have an average of 97%! So school is going well.
  • Sixth, I start a tax preparer class on Tuesday. I’m nervous and excited at the same time!  It’s going to be a challenge but I am up for it.
  • Seventh, NaNoWriMo starts in almost seven weeks from now! I am so excited for this! I’m the ML again this year!

So overall, things are looking up. I look forward to the future at the moment. I hope you guys follow along and enjoy the future with me!

So, tell me, do you guys enjoy the fall season? Please, tell me!  Sound off in the comments!

In like a lion, out like a lamb…

That’s how March is often described as; it’s how I grew up remembering it. I lived on the East coast and I would hear it a lot. Every March first, the teacher would change the hearts and set up the lions and lambs.

Either way, March is almost always known to be a transitional month. Let’s just say that it is true for me this month!

Last month was pretty busy for me. A lot of things had been going on. Doctor appointments, babysitting a little more, so many school events and birthdays. Somewhere I once I read that February was the least popular month for birthdays. I don’t think that person ever met my family. My older cousin’s two oldest kids have birthday’s in February, my sister in law, myself and my mother in law all have birthdays. My sister in law’s, mine and my mother in law’s are all within a week – 20th, 23rd, and the 26th respectively. That is why we are always broke in February. Also, at the end of the month, my tiny terror came down with hand, foot and mouth disease. She’s been a little whiny but for the most part, she is doing well and seems to be healing well.

Anyway, on the writing front, I got close to nothing was done. It’s a bummer but it happens. But we have a new month and it means a new chance to get things done. So I am working on writing up some goals for me and for me to stick to. But overall, there are a few things that I am going to be working on!

The few things I am working on are:

  • working on creating content for this blog. I have done a few guest blogging but I haven’t done much for my baby. So that is my current goal. I got ideas, outlines and first drafts in the works
  • Short stories – I have a few short stories cooking on the stove at the moment. One is for the anthology I am partaking in. A few others one I am working on are for contests that I am hoping into entering into. (One of them is the Writer’s Digest annual contest). I will be writing, plotting and editing those bad boys within the month. (But not in that order. : -P )
  • I am also going to be working on replotting my sci-fi project that I had started last year and had worked on through two Camp NaNoWriMos and NaNoWriMo! I have the skeleton of the plot but I still need to work on it. My goal is to write the second draft during April’s Camp NaNoWriMo! (I’ll update you more on that fun challenge!)

Well, for the moment I think that is all. I have a lot of behind the scenes stuff to work on and I will try my best to keep you guys updated. I also have some interesting stuff to talk to you guys about as well! I promise, please keep your eyes open, it will be worth it!

Until next time…

Big plans on the horizon

Like I have said before in other posts, I have big things planned for this site. At the moment, a lot of everything is going on in the background. So, unless you live in my head, you can’t see much of anything. As a result, today I will share a little with what is going on in my head. I am going to try my best not to confuse you and not have you become lost in my head along the way.

First thing is first, my current short term goal at the moment (for the blog) is for the next six weeks, I am going to post something once a week. After the six weeks (and after six more postings) I am going to add another post a week. At the moment, I haven’t decided on the topics but my goal right now if to just get back into the habit of posting again! So be on the lookout for that!

Also, on my plate is a short story I am going to write and publish in an anthology I am partaking in. I will keep you guys updated on that. At the moment, I am still plotting out the basic story line and research more about short stories.

Another thing on my plate is my science fiction WIP (work in progress) that I worked on during Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo. I am working on editing it! I am completely reworking the plot but I will completely discuss all that in another blog post in great detail! I even have a book to share with you! 🙂 Be on the look out for that!

On top of all my writing goals, I have a family that I have to keep alive and a house to keep clean, so be on the lookout for posts about that stuff!

Well, I think that is all for me at the moment! 🙂 I will talk to you guys later! In the meanwhile, leave a comment below on what you have been doing recently! I would love to know what you guys have been up to!

Until next time…


The Future

Sadly, I haven’t been able to keep up with all of the assignments for Writing 101.  But I think this one looks like fun! 🙂 So here I go! 🙂

Next month I plan to … I plan to continue all the great stuff that I started (like all the great interviews I’ve done) and I am looking into getting my hands wet in a new series.  Here is the poll.  😉  Give me your vote and it shall be awesome!

What does the remainder of 2015 hold for me?  Well I am hoping for the best.  I hope it will be as great as September has been to me!  I hope to continue to create amazing content that you guys love!  Overall I hope you amazing people love what I have been working on and that you share with with your friends! Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here today! 🙂

I believe that my future looks like…  With a lot of hard work, I would love to be able to achieve my goal of being a published author.  That would mean so much to me and it would show my daughter that with hard work, she can achieve her dreams as well.  So I hope my future is happy and I am able to achieve my goals!

In the future I could do without …  social media.  Not that I don’t like it but it sometimes feels like it takes up so much time. It is nice to connect with others, don’t get me wrong, I just feel that we as a people have connected online but disconnected offline!

5, 10, 20 years from now…  I really just don’t know.  In five years I would have a six year old, in ten years I would have an eleven year old and in twenty years I would have a twenty one year old!  I don’t want to think about that!  But when it comes to my writing I done have a very loose five year plan. I’ll share that at a later date but I will let you know, I will have a book published, one way or another! 🙂

Well, that seems to be it..  I hope you guys enjoyed Writing 101 as much as I did. 🙂 I hope if you like what you have read, you will follow me so you can still get lots of amazing writings!

Until next time…

Simple and Quick.

I thought I would post on last time tonight before I crash!  Two crazy exciting things have happened with my baby (and by baby I mean blog 😀 )

I have reached over 100 page views in a single day.

And I have reached my 100 post today as well!  (With this post!)

I know that these are major events but to me, they mean a lot!  I am so excited for what the future may hold!  Thank you guys for all the love and support…

Now if I could only get to 100 followers by midnight…  Then it would be three 100 things in a day!

Until next time! 😀

Tunnel Vision

We were asked to pick a social media site to focus on and then create a game plan on how to increase traffic to our blog from there.

I know several people who picked Facebook and Twitter for their social media site to focus on.   I thought about choosing one of those, but then it occurred to me, why?  Why would I do that when there are others out there that might work out better?

By now, you are wondering, which one did you pick?  I choose Google+.

Why?  Because, I wanna! Okay, but really there are a few great reasons to use Google+.

  • Space isn’t temporary or limited to 140 characters.  As a writer, I struggle with only writing 140 characters!  (But it does help with really focusing on which words used and getting the meaning across with only a few words!)  But I am a lover of words I hate not being able to use all the words I want causes me an internal struggle.
  • It is immediately indexed by Google. This is a bit of a now brainier.  In a world where so many people are struggling to get attention from others, it helps to get indexed by one of the giants without a lot of effort.  It helps save time while you are focused on other things.  🙂
  • No more friend request fatigue! Can I get an amen?  Add follow back fatigue to that list as well!  It’s so frustrating when you have people begging for follows, likes or requests and then they get mad if you don’t follow or you unfollow.  This is when major reason why I like the circle idea!  🙂   Go ahead, check it out!
  • HANGOUTS!  Okay, for me this is a big one.  For a few of you out there, you know that I want to create a writing group and host virtual write ins in the near future! So, for me, Google Hangout are a great idea.  If you already have a Google login (who doesn’t?) you can join in or you don’t need a Google login to watch.  (I’m still learning all about Hangouts!) On top of that, the hangout then becomes a YouTube video.  What is not to love?
  • It’s a popular social media site!  Backed by Google, what’s not to love?

So, I have decided to take a three step process to increase my presence on Google+.

  1. I need to share my post on the site – seems pretty straight forward but some how my settings where set for only me to see things!
  2. I need to share with some communities on Google+ – there are so many communities out there!  I think I really could find and connect with others  in the communities, I just need to interact with them!
  3. I need to engage more on there.  It’s a staple.  To get love, you need to share some love!  🙂

Alright, what do you guys think?   Do you think Google+ is the way to go?  If you have a profile, connect with me here.

Until next time…

Personal Blog Post

This post is supposed to be my own take on a blog post. I am struggling with this. I mean, isn’t any all blog post a personal take on things? So what am I supposed to talk about?

I could talk about my daughter and how her birthday is coming up, but I don’t want to expose her in depth to a world that may or may not be ready for her. And I don’t know if she would want to be out in the world just yet. I don’t want to force her into anything she’s not ready for, ever! I want her to decide what she wants in life. But I am going to instill manners, respect and other important things in her. My goal is not to force her to become a Barbie if she wants to be a G.I. Joe. But that is a work in progress! She will be a year this Friday (9/25)! Time has gone by so fast. I barely believe it. But enough about her. Let’s find something else to talk about. (Not that I don’t want to talk about her, but I could do like a 500 page report on her and I think I will wait until she is old to do something like that!)

I could talk about me, but I would rather not. I come from a sad beginning and I would rather move away from that. I really hate to think any child went through what I went through so I try to think of the future! That is where the possibility of change is located! So that what I aim to look at! So, maybe that will be what I talk about?

I have posted a lot about goals throughout this blog. (Here are a few of those posts here, here and here to list a few). I am a strong believer of writing down your goals. When it comes to sharing I am still on the fence. I have read studies that have stated that sharing your goals with other increase your chances of actually achieving your goals. But I have read a few recent studies about sharing your goals with others and they have found the opposite. If you share your goal, the researchers have found that people are less likely to achieve your goals. Here are a few different articles about goal sharing: 5 good reasons to share your goals and one powerful reason not to; When telling others about your goals compromises them; 10 things you should know about goals; WHY SHARING YOUR PROGRESS MAKES YOU MORE LIKELY TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS As you can tell, I choose four different articles from four different place. What is your take on sharing your goals?

I will admit, I share some of my goals but now all of them. I feel like I will keep a few private and share others. And it depends on what I am feeling at that time in my life which ones I share. I know that it’s odd, but I promise to go into more detail about some of this stuff at a later date. For the moment I will leave this taste in your mouth and see what you guys comment! J And I will talk more about goals since I am really into goals and working on achieving them!

Well, that’s my personal blog post, what do you guys think? Is this a personal take on a blog post or did I wind up over in left field? You could say goals are a personal thing but did I get personal enough? Tell me what you think!

Until next time…

Weekly wrap up

This week had been nice.  I have enjoyed it!  🙂   I hope you guys had a great week and I hope that next week will be even better!

This past week

So, like I said before, this week has bee kind to me.  I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award twice this week!   Here are the posts: this and this.  Enjoy!

Also, on my current project front, I have increased my word count goal to 65,000 words, since I had hit my word count goal on the 13th.  This week I wrote 3,984 words and only missed two days of writing.  I’m aiming to increase this count by next week!  I hope!

On the blog front I hit my goal of 50 followers!  That is exciting!  🙂  I am hoping to hit 60 by the end of the month!  Do you think I can do it?  I hope so! 🙂  Share this with your friends!

Upcoming Week

This week I might not be around as often as I would like, but that is because it is my daughter’s first birthday this Friday !  (I wrote her a letter here.)  But this isn’t going to stop me!  It just might take a little while to get back to all the wonderful comments I have been receiving!  🙂

    Also this week:

  • My first interview posting Monday!
  • A piece of writing advice
  • More Blogging 101 & Blogging 201 improvements!
  • More Writing 101 inspired posts!
  • My daughter’s first birthday!

I am hoping for a great (and busy) week!

Next few weeks

As many of you guys know, I am a lover of all things NaNoWriMo! As it gets closer, I am going to be sharing lots of helpful things and stuff that my region is going to be doing!  Also, I am going to putting a lot of NaNoWriMo stuff on my blog!  It’s coming up in November, are you ready?  If not, I am going to try you help you get ready!  Be on the look out for those posts!  🙂

Other than that, I think things are going well…  Like last post, I am going to share a social media site of mine, I hope you guys will take a look and follow me! 🙂  This week I am going to share my Twitter page.  So give me a follow.  I like to share writing advice and funny things I find on the Twitter world!  🙂  I hope you enjoy it!

Until next time…

Three goals…

Everyone has goals – no two people have the same goals. On top of that, no one has just three goals. I mean, I don’t. I have goals for thins blog, my career goals, writing goals, family goals and other goals. I really struggled with just listing three goals. But I did and I listed a few steps that I plan on taking to achieve these goals. So, without more blabbing, here they are à

  • One – I want to become a published author within a year time. But, I know that isn’t just going to happen so I am going to get the ball rolling and get as close as possible than I am now! The first thing I need to do is actually getting the words written EVERYDAY. You can’t have a book without first writing the words down first. It’s important that I learn all about the joys of self-editing (and looking for beta readers and editors!). After that I must learn all the ins and outs of querying. This doesn’t mean I start while I finish writing; matter of fact, I am slowing starting to learn about the topics I spoke about, but they are not front and center. My writing is. Also, I really want to get my eBook written and share it with the masses! But that is another goal for another day. 😀
  • Two – I want to create amazing content for my followers (I will take more about my followers in a few!) I want to create a resource for beginning writers who might me scared to take the first step. I want to achieve this in three ways.
    • I want to create a weekly series of interviewing other writers and blogger on how they started and how they handle balancing life and the call to write! I am hoping to get this started by the end of the month!
    • I am going to do a weekly wrap up of what I have done and then a monthly wrap up. In the monthly wrap up post I am going to outline what my goals are for the next month and what to look for as well.
    • Another series I would love to create is one all about writing tips and how to make money with your skills of writing! This I haven’t fully fleshed out but I am hoping by the beginning of next year to have this up and read for my followers!
    • Also, I have a few other ideas that I am thinking about adding are, virtual write-ins, video interviews, and a writing forum.
  • Three – I would LOVE to increase the number of followers. I want a strong sense of community for my followers. I know it will not happen overnight and I will need the help from my followers! But I am hoping to get close to 100 followers by the end of December. I am going to keep creating amazing content about writing and how to balance life and I am going to strongly follow the 80/20 rule (80% interacting and socialized and 20% self-promotion!)

Well, what do you think? Do you think I can achieve these? I have most of these written down in my goal notebook and greater detail but I didn’t want to bore you guys with all the details!

Tell me what you guys think!

Until next time…