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    Featured Freelancer at goLance – the Article

    I am the featured freelancer at goLance.com! There is some astonishing news in my world; I am the featured goLancer at goLance.com! It means they picked me, a freelancer, to showcase on their site! On their blog, on their social media accounts and everywhere else my picture and profile are what people see! Isn’t that exciting? Either way, I am super happy about this honor, and I am sharing this everywhere! The article is here. I am the newest blog post (as of this writing), and I am on the front page! goLance.com is a job board site like no other! Everything is smooth lined, their rates are lower than…

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    9 Tips To Break through writer’s Block | Sverve Blog

    Source: Guest Blogger: 9 Tips To Break through writer’s Block | Sverve Blog This is my guest post about breaking through writer’s block!  Tell me what you think!  Just click on the link and enjoy!  You can comment here or on the original page!  Thanks!  🙂 Those dreaded words: “writer’s block.” If you are a blogger, writer, author, poet, or college student, those two words have probably attacked you. It’s a scary feeling. The words that are in your head will not get out of you. You can do all sort of things to break it; anything from praying to any deity you would like to (I often pray to…

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