• NaNoWriMo

    NaNoWriMo Nebraska Elsewhere Write-in Schedule

    NaNoWriMo time! Hello all!  Thank you for the visit!  I have created a calendar that you can print out that has all the dates for the write-ins for the month.  I am so sorry I am late with this.  Things have been crazy but I really want you guys to win! This is important, but I need you guys to tell me a few things. One, what platform do you want our write-ins to happen on? facebook or youtube? Two, do those times work for you guys for our regional write-ins? Three, if you were interested in hosting a write-in, please contact me. Or message the facebook page. Four, remember, we…

  • Book,  Promotion

    Science Fiction Giveaway

    Hello, everyone! I thought I would share this lovely giveaway! Since I am a lover of sci-fi, I thought I would share it! Time for another big book giveaway folks! The books are all free on Amazon (some with KU), and everyone can also enter to win a Kindle Fire or an Amazon Gift Card (paid for by the authors). Click the photo or link to go to the booklist/giveaway. Source: Sci-fi, Fantasy, & Horror Giveaway!

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    Week of 8/14 Deals

    Welcome! This is the deals for this week (until next Wednesday!) I am going to break down this list into three different sections. A Target section, a HyVee section, and a Walmart Price Matcher section. These are the three main stores I go to save money. I go to these three stores for different reasons. Target, for example, I can use a store coupon, a manufacturer coupon, and a cartwheel offer on top of sale prices per one item! (Have no clue what I am talking about? Check out here). I’ll explain the others as I go along! Well, let’s start. Target As this progresses, I won’t be as wordy…