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    Adjusting to the New Normal

    Adjusting to anything new takes time. Some times it a few days sometimes it takes a few months. Between the move and the pandemic, there are many changes going on in our lives. We are not alone with a new way of life, nor our way life is alien to anyone. This is our new normal. It is a change that no one was truly prepared for – even though you have watched days worth of post-apocalyptic movies or read forest of novels. As the world around us might be falling apart, I am happy to announce that we are slowly settling into our new home. All my books are…

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    Featured Freelancer at goLance – the Article

    I am the featured freelancer at goLance.com! There is some astonishing news in my world; I am the featured goLancer at goLance.com! It means they picked me, a freelancer, to showcase on their site! On their blog, on their social media accounts and everywhere else my picture and profile are what people see! Isn’t that exciting? Either way, I am super happy about this honor, and I am sharing this everywhere! The article is here. I am the newest blog post (as of this writing), and I am on the front page! goLance.com is a job board site like no other! Everything is smooth lined, their rates are lower than…

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    I have wonderful news! A huge update! This will be short and sweet, but I finally got my degree and diploma in the mail today! It means it’s official! I have my associate’s degree! I am all done! It is a little bittersweet. I have been a student with Central Community College for many years, and I have received many different degrees and diplomas from there. But all good things must come to an end. Not that I want it to end, but change is good. And the next step is getting closer! Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you need any bookkeeping or copy-writing done,…

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    Happy New Year!

    So it has been a while.  Things have been moving at light speed and does not look like it is going to slow down! I just wanted to say happy New Year! And that there new things that are going to be happening! I hope you are able to achieve your goals this year! Until next time, Steph.

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    New Adventures Await for me

    Things have been changing for me!  Here’s a quick update! Family front – My daughter had her tonsils out in October and the healing process has been very slow with her.  She is very stubborn and we haven’t found where she gets it from.  She is finally doing better now.  My husband and I have made the decision to put the girls in daycare. Why? So I can go back to work.  Where am I going to work?  I’m going to be a freelancer! I know it sounds like I have jumped off the cliff, but I promise you, I am not crazy! I already have two clients under my…

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    When Life Throws You Lemons Change the Recipe

    You have two option (well maybe three); you either learn to make lemonade, or you cry.  (the third option, you make lemonade and add some vodka).  Either way you look at it, life changes and you need to learn how to deal. Life comes at you fast, I mean really fast.  There is very little time to stop and smell the roses sometimes. Things that you really want to do get put on the back burner while things that aren’t as important to your soul are suddenly front in center.  It is difficult to find balance and often you feel like you have failed at life.  The one golden rule in…

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    Fall is here…

    Fall is here. It is one of my favorite time of year. Things get back to a normal routine and normal patterns return. The leaves start to turn colors and it shows that there can be beauty in death. Anyway…. Fall has come back around and for some reason, this year it feels much more amazing. Why might you ask? Well, let’s write a list. (I just love lists!) First off, it’s not ungodly hot and I do not feel like I am going to melt. Even in my air conditioned house, it still was hot as hell out there this summer!  Also, bugs go back to hell, where they…

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    Welcome to the jungle!

    This will be brief. If you followed me on my other site, you will realize that I have moved and things have changed. Please don’t panic. Change is good. But change takes time. As I am working out all the details, things are going to move, things are going to look different and somethings might disappear. Please let me know what you are thinking! Tell me what you like (or dislike). Tell me what you would like to see here! During this time, I am open to some suggestions! I hope to see you around! Until next time…

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    New Face; New Words

    Well hello all!  It’s been a long time since I have been able to update.  Things in my personal life have kept me away but now I have been able to return!  It’s Return of the Steph!  Did you miss me? Well, as you can tell, I have updated the site’s look.  I feel it’s a nice upgrade!  What do you think? I’ve also updated my ‘about me’ page.  Please check it out here.  There are a few cute little girls on the page, but I’m a little partial. Be on the look out, I will be posting about once a week!  I’ll see you soon! Until next time!