This is just a quick update. Please enjoy!

For anyone out there struggling with the adjustments of school and family, I hear you, and I feel for you. This year has been quite the change. Every morning we have been battling the monster of anxiety for a five-year-old. It’s not easy, and it isn’t done overnight but by battle and battle. This morning was no exception, and it was a rough way to start Monday and this week. Honestly, I felt like there was no getting better at this point. That this week has already been set on a low note!

But something I have realized that I can not let this low point define me, this day or this week. I need to work on my response to this and find a way to improve this.The school situation is ongoing, so I do not have an update or result for that. But if you have any suggestions, please, share them with me. I would appreciate it!

As you can tell, I am slowly trying to rebuild my site, so please bear with me.

Now for a sharp left turn!

In other news, I have finally recertified my Quickbooks Proadivsor. Talk about getting down to the wire! Anyway, if you need any bookkeeping help, please reach out to me! I am always willing to help, and I would love to help you!

Here is my ProAdvisor profile.

Until next time…

-Steph Wenburg



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