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The Usefulness of Binders.

This writing Wednesday, I thought I would talk about my love of binders!  I love binders! They are just so useful!

Binders can be used in many different ways.  All lot of us remember having a binder or two during our school days.  Remember the teacher always showing us how to organize it?  Here are a few ways I use binders from my everyday life to my writing adventures!

One of my many binders I have, is a binder filled with notebook paper.  I use this one for free-writes, and brain dumps.  Sometimes staring at the screen doesn’t work or when my daughter is awake and I don’t want her to think I live at the computer, I pick up a pen and write!  And a few people out there are sighing to themselves thinking you know a notebook would work the same.  You are right, a notebook would work the same but I like to add things to my binders.  For example, if I find a great article of a funny picture, I would print it out and then hole punch it.  Then I add it to my binder!  And as any great writer knows, always carry a pen and paper with you.  For this I have a little memo pad that can clip into my notebook.  (We not at the moment. I am using a really girly one and it doesn’t have a hole at the top for adding a memo pad!)

Another binder I have is for my blog stuff.  I have really rough drafts of post written down on paper.  I have a personal goal statement for my blog (and something I don’t often share).  It also has articles I found online that I have printed out and added to it too.  And I often have a blog to-do list of up coming posts and things of that nature.  I also have a hard copy of my calendar of my posts at the beginning of my binders.  (I print my calendars out from here!) I have a very flexible plan of what I am going to post for the month.

On top of all that, I also have a plotting binder.  This is where I break down scene by scene of my novel.  Each scene is on a piece of paper.  On each piece of paper there is the characters involved in the scene, the goal of the scene and a brief outline of the scene.   All the scene go into one section.  Plus, with binders, you can rearrange the scenes (the pages) to your liking or what fits the plot.  Can you do that with a notebook?  Then I have another section for my characters.  Like for the scenes, each character gets a page. On each character page I list of their status, characteristics and any key information for them.  And sometimes, I place a plot point or a surprise here as well. (So I don’t often share what’s in this binder!)  A third section for any research I have done, any images that inspired me, notes for the plot and other tidbits.  To be honest, since I got Scrivener (I have a link to it on my sharing page) I haven’t used this set up for a while but I feel like I should still share it with others especially if you don’t have that program or any extra cash to buy it.

The other use for binders is for editing.  This is more aimed more for the novel length writers who need to edit their drafts.  I am more old school and I like to work with the paper (and I get a lot of paper-cuts!)  And I get my red pen out (or another bright colored pen) and start looking for things to fix.  But since I haven’t gotten to the stage just yet with my current project, I will just leave this for you guys’ pleasure!  (I have edited other projects, but I would rather not talk about those edits…)

Overall, I love binders. They are is very useful and so flexible!  Do you find binders as useful as I do? Tell me below!

Until next time…

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