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The Window

Today in writing 101, we had a choose of one of four picture to write about.  I picked, “The Window.”  This is with the main characters of my current sci-fi project.  Well, I will let you just get at it.  Let me know what you think!  🙂

Sam’s Dream

Samantha slowly opened her eyes to a dark room. She slowly sat up and looked around. It wasn’t her quarter. The air was heavy and smelled stale. She lifted her left hand up and felt the space next to her. It was a wooden wall. She slid her hand across the grain, the roughness of it pricked her fingertips. She felt small nail holes where two boards of wood met. A small smile formed across her face. Then, her reality sunk in.
Over to her right there was a dim light filtering in through a sheer curtain. Sam slowly stood up and discovered that she was wearing her night gown. A white, sheer, gown with single string straps. It wasn’t the uniform she last wore.
She pushed herself to her feet off the ancient wooden bed she was laying on. A small breeze brushed against her skin as she struggled to see in the dim light. Behind the curtain was the light source. Her guess was a small window but there was so little light it was hard for her to take an educated guess.
She reached out her right hand to pull the curtain back when she felt a hand and arm wrap around her midsection. Sam froze and looked back. Nick stood behind her. He was wearing nothing but his boxers. His body was well in shape; it threw her off guard. She pushed back from him and through the curtain.
His hand reached out to her as she stood facing the curtain. “Help me,” his voice cried out. Sam went to reach for his hand when the floor jerked her into the wall. She looked behind her to see a window. Samantha struggled against the shacking of the floor and the cries of Nick to get to the window. More cries began coming from behind the curtain. The closer she got to the window the faster her heart pumped.
Outside of the window was black nothingness of space. Tiny speck of starlight filtered in. The air in her lungs evaporated as her mouth swung open. Behind the curtain, everything went silent.
Samantha turned back to the curtain only to find black nothingness where the bed and room she was just in. She turned back to see the window open. A strong force was pulling her into the window. A cry for help went unanswered.
Samantha shot up from her slumber and looked around where she was. She was sitting on her back, on floor of the storage room. Vincent stood over her. His mouth was moving but she couldn’t hear him.

I had times myself for about 15 minutes.  I could have gone on and one; so I cut it here.  I hope you liked it!  (Again, a little disclaimer here.  This is equivalent to a free write which then in turns means it’s not edited [completely] and etc.  Please just enjoy it without trying to destroy it!  Thanks!)

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