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Three goals…

Everyone has goals – no two people have the same goals. On top of that, no one has just three goals. I mean, I don’t. I have goals for thins blog, my career goals, writing goals, family goals and other goals. I really struggled with just listing three goals. But I did and I listed a few steps that I plan on taking to achieve these goals. So, without more blabbing, here they are à

  • One – I want to become a published author within a year time. But, I know that isn’t just going to happen so I am going to get the ball rolling and get as close as possible than I am now! The first thing I need to do is actually getting the words written EVERYDAY. You can’t have a book without first writing the words down first. It’s important that I learn all about the joys of self-editing (and looking for beta readers and editors!). After that I must learn all the ins and outs of querying. This doesn’t mean I start while I finish writing; matter of fact, I am slowing starting to learn about the topics I spoke about, but they are not front and center. My writing is. Also, I really want to get my eBook written and share it with the masses! But that is another goal for another day. 😀
  • Two – I want to create amazing content for my followers (I will take more about my followers in a few!) I want to create a resource for beginning writers who might me scared to take the first step. I want to achieve this in three ways.
    • I want to create a weekly series of interviewing other writers and blogger on how they started and how they handle balancing life and the call to write! I am hoping to get this started by the end of the month!
    • I am going to do a weekly wrap up of what I have done and then a monthly wrap up. In the monthly wrap up post I am going to outline what my goals are for the next month and what to look for as well.
    • Another series I would love to create is one all about writing tips and how to make money with your skills of writing! This I haven’t fully fleshed out but I am hoping by the beginning of next year to have this up and read for my followers!
    • Also, I have a few other ideas that I am thinking about adding are, virtual write-ins, video interviews, and a writing forum.
  • Three – I would LOVE to increase the number of followers. I want a strong sense of community for my followers. I know it will not happen overnight and I will need the help from my followers! But I am hoping to get close to 100 followers by the end of December. I am going to keep creating amazing content about writing and how to balance life and I am going to strongly follow the 80/20 rule (80% interacting and socialized and 20% self-promotion!)

Well, what do you think? Do you think I can achieve these? I have most of these written down in my goal notebook and greater detail but I didn’t want to bore you guys with all the details!

Tell me what you guys think!

Until next time…


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