To fall on deaf ears…

Another short little blurb.  Have you ever had a day that feels like no one hears you?  I mean either your words or your tone. Today feels like it my voice is just not there or not working. Today a door alarm want off, it was a fire door that was opened. I had a line of customers that kept telling that they had paid for their stuff.  I tries to tell them it wasn’t them but no one seems to hear me. I called over my supervisor and tell her what was going on. She told me to just tell everyone that it was a test and not to worry about it.  She didn’t even listen to what I said. Then, at self checks there is a machine that isn’t working completely (it isn’t taking any cash) and I had three customers get irate with me about the machine, after I had just told them that there is seven other fully working machines.  Is my voice just not working anymore?
I also thought, what if that happened to my characters in my novel. What if one of them were speaking to another and the transmission of information wasn’t getting though? Yikes!
Also, I’m going to have to do a new site design. My current one doesn’t seem to show any comments that I have been receiving. So be on the look out and tell me if you like it or not.

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