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update! (again) and a new writing goal

So sadly life has been getting in the way.  We have finally settled into our new place and got a decent rhythm with life.  Stuff has settled down so now I can focus more attention to my blog and my writing!  And boy, do I!

I have been terribly missing writing and the joys of being able to sit and type my thoughts.  I would love to share all the stories going on in my head.  It would be a wonderful experience for everyone around.  There is only one thing stopping me…  That would be sitting down and actually getting the writing done!

So here is my current (and temporary) goal.  For the next week I am going to work on sitting down and trying to write for two hours.  The reason for the two hours is I would like to do one hour of free-writing and other activities and then the other hour I would like to work on plotting out one my new projects.  Then I’m going to work on a monthly goal.  I think creating short term goals will help me get the long term goal achieved.  (So keep an eye out for my updates on my goals and stuff.)  But before I start dreaming about eating my cake, I need to get in the habit of baking a cake (or in my case, writing).

It’s going to be difficult since, my husband works full time and very long hours during the week. This means we have no idea when he is coming home.  This would make it difficult to schedule time to write.  Also, I have picked up a small part time job, every other weekend.  So that limits some possible hours for writing on the weekends.  Overall, this leaves little free time for me to focus on writing and not my writing.  And for the few who are a little confused, I have a beautiful six month little girl, who needs her mother and plenty of attention.  She means so much to me and I just hope to achieve this to improve our life.

This is going to be difficult.  But I am damned that I want to do this.  I am going to do this!  This is my passion, this is my job, this is what I feel like I am supposed to do.

What to join the fun?

Until next time….

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