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Wednesday Writing Piece part Five

Okay, here is part five.  Again, another one about zombies.  But this one is just a comparing the different zombies.  🙂  So enjoy! It’s short and sweet.

Differences with Zombies

Zombies, like humans, come with similar and different attributes. No two zombies are the same (just like not two humans are the same.) Zombies do not have the same attributes that humans have and vice versa. You cannot match zombies on how big they are or how hunger they are and you cannot lump humans together by how they burp or how often they blink. They have to be strong characteristics among the zombies.

All zombies are soulless walking beings. They do not have a mind of their own and they are often controlled by something else (there are different things that they can be controlled by but we will go over that later). Another thing that all zombies share is that they are slow moving creatures with an easily recognizable walk (with exceptions of course). No zombie can speak because they do not have that advance controls over the body. All the zombies are dead and often were once human. Most zombies are rotting walking creatures that reek to the point of vomiting. Zombies only have one goal – to spread. This is often misunderstood to be “feeding” but really all the zombies want to do is share what they have with others. One more attribute to all zombies is how they have to be killed. All zombies need their brains taken out and beaten to death. After the brain is destroyed, the body needs to be burned. All zombies need to be destroyed in this fashion.

Zombies have different origins then the average person. Some zombies can be from religious purposes and it is part of the Vodou belief, which is often referred to West African Vodun to differ it from Haitian Voodoo. The two are very similar but there are some differences. Both have a “priest” or some sort of controller that controls the person or the now zombie. In West Africa Vodun, the priest or the bokor controls the soul of the person through some spiritual way. In the Haitian Zombie, the priest or sorcerer control the zombie by way of some sort of potion. Some zombies are created by a powder called Tetrodotoxin from puffer fish that is kind like a blocker of the nerves from the brain to the rest of the body. Other zombies could be created from a virus or a mutated bacterium. They attack the brain and mess up the way the body talks to the rest of the body. Other zombies are caused because of some government testing gone wrong or some drug company’s new drug testing goes all wrong. Some zombies (especially from folklore) zombies are brought back to life because of some sort unmet physical need that was not met during the humans lifetime.

Zombie can be grouped together by different traits that can bring them together and can tear them apart. Most zombies are dangerous and you do not want to mess with and there really isn’t a ‘nice zombie’. Zombies also have different origins and can vary how you need to fight them. Overall, zombies aren’t completely scary if you understand the basics and can take a deep breath in.

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