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Wednesday Writing Piece Part Three…

Here it is! This one is aimed more at a classification style essay. My others have been description essay, narration essay, and example essay, in that order… Can you name the pieces? haha. Well, enjoy this one!

I Forgot my Excuse

Excuses come in all shapes and sizes. There are the real excuses, the creative ones, the classic ones, the broken ones, and a small percent of excuses that are the truth (like I forgot or I didn’t do it) one. Teachers have learned a system of how these excuse are used, and how to figure out if it’s an actual excuse. Well, without more filler words, let’s hit this out of the park.

There are excuses that are real. These one often can be valid with the simple fact of a note or a second person’s word. These excuses can be anything like “my mother is in the hospital” or “my grandmother just died”. Often these excuses are after a few missed days or a sudden disappearance of the said person. Be careful not immediately jump down the said person’s throat about these. They are sore subjects to accuse the person of lying while this person is crying in front of you.

The creative excuses come in many forms. The simplest forms of these are just spoken words. “The aliens next door took my homework” or “Bob Villa said that doing homework damages the flexibility of my fingers” are just a few of the creative ones out there. If you have a smart “class clown” and few ones that could be heard are: “I made it into a paper plane and it got hijacked”, “I put it in a safe, but lost the combination” and “sorry, but my friend was hungry for knowledge, so he ate my essay.” Sometimes creative notes from ‘parents’ are often worth a good laugh and can almost be worth credit for the actual homework. Some notes can be about “my son can’t play football because of her period” or “please excuse my son; I didn’t make him do it because I didn’t want to add to more work for his teacher’s already heavy workload.” The creative ones are the fun ones to read or to listen to, most of the time, they are just creative excuses.

The classic excuses have been around for ages and no one on this earth can miss them. They smell from a mile away. The most common classic excuse is “my dog at my homework.” There are a small percent of classic excuse that started out as creative one but now are common place and are often jokes about among teachers. A few examples are: “the homework assigned was against my religious views”, “I work better under pressure”, and “I left it at home.” No one can mess with the classics but everyone knows them so there isn’t much effort into those. At the creative excuses had a little thought put in them.

The broken excuses are pretty self explanatory. These come in the range of a broken computer to a broken pencil. Anything that could go wrong could possible go wrong for a student. But it is very rare that everything possible could crash at once. Common broken items for no homework doing are broken computers, no internet, email is down, corrupted files on the broken computers, no paper in the house and broken pens or pencils. Murphy’s Law can strike all on once but for everything to not work or to be broken for months at a time is highly unlikely and must mean that person lives in the Stone Age.

The ‘I forgots” are often the truth. “I forgot to do it” or “I just didn’t do it,” are very honest. If a student says this then most likely they are not trying to fluff you over. They are often the straight to the point. There isn’t much else to say to explain they guys to you. One might want to ask about if the student understands the material. If the student understand everything class then the student may just feel like they do not need to do anything. If the student doesn’t understand the material then you have to help them with the homework. If the student just forgot and it is a once in a blue moon thing I wouldn’t worry too much. We are human!

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