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Writer’s Procrastination

I am in the middle on this statement.

Daydreaming or procrastination really does help your creative side to think.  It allows the creative juices flow because your brain is relaxing and isn’t focused on anything.  That is a why so many great ideas come from taking a shower or sitting in the oval office; it’s not a difficult task to do and your brain decides to wonder.  Overall, it sounds great.

But (and there is always a but!), too much of a wonderful thing is a bad thing! Only daydreaming will not get words on the page.  To be able to call yourself a writer means you have to – surprise! – write!  Write everyday (well at least 90% of the time – we all know how life can be!)  Please note, to be a writer, you must write everyday, but for being a published author or other anything else for that matter takes a different set of rules!

I call myself a writer, but that is because I write every day! If I always procrastinated then I would only be a ‘want-to-be-writer’.  That is not what I want to be! This doesn’t make me better than others – it does make me stand out.

But without periods of daydreaming and procrastination, the creative well might run dry. So you HAVE to have a balance between the two!  It’s a delicate balnce and it can be achieved! 🙂

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