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Writing Wednesday – Sample

Okay, so I have brought back one of my trademark (well maybe!) blog post series. It’s Writing Wednesday.

A little back story, I started this series a very long time ago. I am a writer and I do a lot of writing. So I thought that I would share a sample each week of some of my writing. That being my school writing, personal writings, old writings or anything that I had put words in a special order to get something across.

On top of just samples of my writings, I am going to post some advice, things I have found and my progress on my current project(s).  Overall, Wednesdays will be all about my writing!

My writing for today will be a raw look at my current project.  It’s RAW!  Means that it had very little editing done to it.  I did go through and check for any spelling or really bad grammar but other than that, very little has been done to it.  Why?  Because I haven’t finished this current project and I don’t know if I am going to have to do a lot of editing to this or what.   But for the moment, I am sharing it with you.  I want you to know that I know it’s a work in progress. Nonetheless, I feel like sharing it with you and I haven’t really shared anything with you guys about my current writing project!   So, here we go!

The ship jerked causing Captain Christophe Shepherd to roll out of his bed and on to the floor. He wasn’t a spring chicken anymore but he wasn’t an old dog. Before he could stand, his second officer barged into his quarters and ordered the lights on.
“Sir,” his first officer spoke as he expended his hand to help the captain , “I’m sorry to have disturbed you, but you are needed on the bridge on the double.” His second officer’s soft blue eyes were tight and focused directly on his captain .
“What the hell is going on?” Christophe demanded as he stood up and reached over for his rob. Christophe had been a starship captain longer that his second officer was out of diapers; never has he been demanded on the bridge in the middle of the night.
“I understand if you are more than upset but,” he paused and rubbed his chin. He was struggling to grow a beard to show his actual age. “I don’t know how to tell you, but… You need to just go on the bridge. I think it might be the only way you’ll believe it.”
“What the hell? Why did the ship jerk? Did we loose navigation? What did we loose?”
“We didn’t loose anything, sir.” He stepped toward the door and pressed the button for the door. “We gained some -” he paused again and just pointed to the door.
“This better be worth it!” he replied as he tied his robe in front of him.
The pair silently traveled down the hallway and into the lift. The lift slowly opened up to the bridge.
The two men slowly walked onto the bridge. They came in through the back door which caused everyone to stop and turn to then. Christophe was not happy about being on the bridge during the night shift without his uniform on. In the very front of the bridge was a large screen that went from the ceiling to the floor and showed Jupiter. Just in front of the screen sat the pilot and the navigator. Between the two seats sat a toddler.
Christophe stepped back, place his hand in the air and looked at his first officer, “Why the hell is there a baby on my bridge?”
“That is what we gained,” he replied. He walked past the work stations on the port side and walked in front of the status station.
“Was no one paying attention to the lift doors?” He walked up to the status station. “Surely someone noticed a child walking up here.”
“No sir,” his second officer replied. “I was right here, checking in with Ensign Frey. I was facing the lift doors.” He looked back to the Ensign at the station. “Then he froze and pointed behind me. Just then, the pilots did the same thing. That is why the ship jerked. We were all startled by,” he paused and looked down to the child, “By the child.”
“Bullshit,” the Captain replied. “A child can not just show up on my bridge.” He leaned onto the main work station on the bridge. It was often nicknamed ‘mother hen’ since it over saw everything in and outside of the ship. “Is there any reports of missing children? Is our numbers off by chance?”
The Ensign looked at the Captain, “No sir; no reports of missing children. We are plus on our numbers.”
The Captain took a deep breath in and looked at his first officer. “It looks human,” he finally said.
The toddler looked over to the second officer and the captain. A large smile formed on the child’s face. It held a purple dog looking stuffed toy tightly in its hands. The toddler was silent. She had reddish hair and deep green eyes. Freckles covered all her exposed skin. The only thing on the child looked like an ancient potato sack with holes for her head and arms.
The lift doors opened and the new ship’s Doctor Hopkins walked on the bridge. “I was notified that I was needed on the bridge.” She walked over to the Captain and smiled at Commander Blackstone. “Is there an emergency?” She looked at Blackstone and noticed when he pointed just behind him. Her eyebrows raised as she looked at the child.
“What do you want us to do with the child?” First officer Blackstone asked.
The Captain sighed. “Take it to the clinic. From there we’ll figure out our next steps.” He looked over to the doctor. “I’ll be down tomorrow to see what you have found out about the child.”
“Do you mind if I assist the doctor?” Commander Blackstone asked as he stepped backwards and squatted toward the child.
“I didn’t realize that you -” Captain Shepherd stopped and looked at Blackstone. A small smirk crept across his face. “You may help the doctor bring the child down but I need to up here. We have an important meeting with the Martixkin. I don’t want you to wear yourself out.”
“Understood sir,” he reached out toward the child. He expected the child to panic but instead the child pulled herself up to her feet and waddled closer to him. “That’s it,” he softly spoke as she stepped toward him. Once she was close enough to him, he picked her up and stood up. The child giggled. Blackstone looked at Shepherd. His eyes were wide and his arms crossed in front of himself. “Are you alright, sir?”
“Yes, I’m fine,” he snapped back, “Just be careful, you don’t know what infections or diseases that child brings.”
Blackstone chuckled, “It’s only a child. I’m sure,” he paused and lifted the child above his head and then back to his side, “I’m sure she isn’t going to hurt you.” He walked around to where Shepherd and Hopkins were standing.
The Doctor smiled at the little girl. “Do you have a name?”
“Sam,” the little girl replied. She reached out to the captain. He immediately leaned backwards away from her reach.
“I think I shall go back to my quarters and try to get a little bit more rest before the day head of us,” he nodded his head and turned to the lift in the back. Just as he turned to leave, he felt a little hand touch the back of his balding head. Christophe quickly turned around and saw the little girl smile at him. Something inside him turned as he smiled back at her and lifted his hand up to her to grab. He looked at Blackstone and looked back at the little girl. “Maybe I’ll bring her down to the clinic. You should stay on the bridge.” He reached out for her and pulled her to him. The captain saw Blackstone’s face and patted him on the shoulder. “You will be able to see Hopkins later.”
“I thought that you were worried about her infecting us…” His sentence stopped as he watched Shepherd and Hopkins head toward the lift.
“With what? She’s a child. I’m sure she’s harmless.” He smiled and tickled her belly button. Her laughter filled the bridge. “Ill bring her down to the clinic and then I’ll go to my quarters to sleep.”
“Never-mind than, sir.” Blackstone smiled and bowed his head. “Sleep well sir.”

Okay, so there is that.  I hope you enjoyed it…  Tell me what you think!  Once I’m done with my project and I start editing, I will post again this little blurb and see if you can spot the differences!  🙂

Until next time!

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